Jadeveon Clowney's Mom Josenna Gave Her Son the Nickname 'Doo Doo'

Tristan ThornburghSocial Media StaffAugust 22, 2013

In a recent interview with The New York Times, the mother of University of South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney revealed that her son's nickname as a child was "Doo Doo" after her favorite song by 1990s rapper and 2 Live Crew member Luke, titled "I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown)": 

His father wanted to name the boy David, but tradition in his mother’s family dictated his name start with a J. She settled on Jadeveon but called him Doo Doo, after her favorite song, its hook, “Doo Doo Brown (Brown); the brand new brother in town; yeah, boy, dope sound.”

“He don’t like it now,” his mother, Josenna Clowney, said. “Back then, everybody just say, ‘Doo Doo, come here.’ He was a little boy. You never knew he was going to be, like, the best player in college football. How could anyone on Carolina Avenue know anything like that?”

You can watch the music video here but be warned: It's definitely not safe for work. 

Luke responded via Twitter to the news:

Hat tip to Black Sports Online for the find.