Gigantic Rugby Player Lays a Big Hit, Demolishes Opponent

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 22, 2013

Ever see an unstoppable force meet an immovable object? 

Good for you. This is nothing like that.

Only one irresistible force was at work during last Friday’s friendly between Northampton and Bedford, and his name was Courtney Lawes.

The 6’7”, 260-pound Saints monster laid a particularly nasty hit on Mike Le Bourgeois, leaving the Bedford fullback rolling in the grass—presumably with bruised ribs and a brief bout of amnesia. 

Video of the walloping was spotted by Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead, who has since bestowed this glorious GIF of the collision upon us—because large athletes destroying smaller athletes is an act best observed repeatedly.

GIF via TheBigLead

Nothing about the hit appears illegal, and it’s difficult to tell whether the jarring blow knocked the ball loose or whether Le Bourgeois pulled off the pass to end all passes. 

It’s most likely the latter, considering the ball lands perfectly in the hands of his Bedford teammates. In which case, bravo sir.

With this latest crusher from the world of rugby, it’s safe to say that the summer of 2013 has had its fair share of rugby de-cleaters. The most notable of the big hits this year occurred earlier in the summer, when New Zealand footballer Ruslan Casey blindsided an opponent so hard the collision was heard in Laos (unconfirmed).

Who had the bigger hit? It’s hard to say.

Lawes’ tackle looked like an ice truck hitting a scarecrow, while Casey’s blindside was more like a sneak attack from Mighty Mouse. 

Either way, it’s nice being able to enjoy these huge rugby hits from a distance—a safe distance.


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