Objective Thoughts For 09.

Fiasco007Contributor IMay 13, 2009

These are my thoughts on why we will have a better season in 09 than we did last year. I have my concerns for this upcoming season, but it has nothing to do with the players. Here is my optimistic, and out the box way of thinking of how our offense will stack up.


Cox is nowhere near Stafford, but one thing Cox has that Staff doesn't is more accuracy.

If possible, search for an article on Cox at the UA/Army game, (can't remember which it was). He won the accuracy award everyday with flying colors. AJC had a story at the start of spring, and AJ, Moore and Durham all said, "Cox has more accuracy than staff, just not as much heat." He doesn't have the arm arrogance that Staff had, so he won't even think of trying to slip a ball between three defenders 40 yds down the field. He will go for the easy short pass that Staff overlooked.

Plus, if not for AJ, then Staff's numbers would have seriously declined. Add Grey to the mix and you have a dual threats with speed. That will be a nice change of pace if the D catches on to what we're doing. He will be our No. 1 next year, so it would be a good idea to give him as many reps as possible. I know, "Murray! Murray! Murray!" I'm excited to see this guy as well, but it would be a waste of talent if Grey got left out.


MoMass turned out to be a heck of a WR. But were has he been the last three years? Dropsy after dropsy. Don't get me wrong, he was a good WR and came through when we needed him, but he wasn't great. I kept waiting for him to break out—fortunately he did but during his last year.

It was only after AJ showed up, and took a lot of heat off of MoMass due to being doubled, that MoMass actually lived up to his billing. No AJ, and Mass would have had half the receptions and yards that he did. Someone will fill his role this year, maybe Moore, maybe not.

Mike Moore emerged in the last game of the year, and really showed what he was capable of. Staff has never had a combo of WR's with the speed and ability that we have this year. We have choices between AJ, T King and Moore. There will be Marlon and Wooten and Orsen and B Smith. I know, these are all freshman, but they are all freshman with sub 4.4 40 speed.

Even if Marlon and Wooten never catch a pass in the next four years, their blazing speed going deep is going to draw three, maybe four or more defenders to try and cover them. See where I'm going with this? That will open up other passing lanes, running lanes, Grey/Cox with a keeper, TE and TB screens. The possibilities are endless.


See above. With our offensive line and the ability to spread out the D, C Thomas or any of the guys should be able to drive a truck up and down the field. With Thomas' speed, he will be able to round the corners and turn on the heat, "as shown on the last play of the G Day game."

I think Caleb maybe a little gun shy. Once he gets over it, he will be just fine.

Sam has alot of heart and will play at 110 percent every play. I think he will have a break out game during the Okie Pokie in Stillwater. Okie's D doesn't have the size or speed that we are accustomed to. This is where a bigger back like Sam or Munze will come in a pound it. Breaking down the D and soften things up.

I'm more concerned with the conservative play calling than I am the actual team. Our coaches really need to take it to another level this year. They have had all-stars in years past to fall back on, and I would really love to see the "Evil Richt" show up.

With Staff and Moreno gone, we will need to open things up and think outside the box. if we make it out of Stillwater. We will have the swagger needed to put together a heck of a season. We need to come together as a team, stay healthy and out of trouble, and prove all the nay sayers wrong.

I predict a one or two loss season, but that all depends on how fast we can gel, come together, and play like a champion. One of those losses will probably come from a team we should have beat in "2007." Can't say who. But USC is always a tough win, and the two newbie coaches are going to be looking to make a statement. Vandy is better, and of course there is Florida. LSU will be looking for revenge, and Les Miles' record against UGA is less than stellar.

Take this for what it's worth. It's only my thoughts and opinions. And before I'm crucified, I am not slamming any past players, and I don't do spell check. GATA!