Real Madrid Players Who Would Be Affected by the Arrival of Gareth Bale

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Real Madrid Players Who Would Be Affected by the Arrival of Gareth Bale

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    With reports from the Daily Mail claiming that Gareth Bale could be joining Real Madrid very soon, it is time to look at the repercussions. No doubt Bale’s transfer fee would demand a starting role, but who will suffer?

    There are several players who will be affected if the Tottenham star does make the move to the Santiago Bernabeu. In this article we will take a look at who those players are and what Bale’s arrival could mean for them.

    Will young stars suffer? Can Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale work together? Is Bale even worth the price? Continue reading to find out.


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    Back in February it was reported on Football-Espana that Real Madrid starlet Jese could be leaving the club if he did not get his chance to play with the first team. Since then, the 20-year-old has signed a new contract and pledged his future to Los Blancos.

    However, that could all change with the arrival of Gareth Bale.

    Jese currently plays in the same position as Cristiano Ronaldo, and is aware that his chances will come few and far between. With Bale likely to become Real Madrid's left-winger and Ronaldo pushing up front, Jese will feature even less.

    The arrival of Bale could see Jese fall so far down the pecking order that his development would be stunted and his promising career in jeopardy.

    If Jese was to ever leave Madrid, it would likely be because of the arrival of Bale.

Alvaro Morata

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    Manager Carlo Ancelotti has already showed that he has faith in young striker Alvaro Morata by playing him in the first match of the season. But the 20-year-old could again ride the bench if Bale makes the move to Madrid.

    Right now Morata is the club’s second striker behind Karim Benzema. He greatly impressed this summer with Spain’s U-21 side and has earned his place in the Real Madrid squad.

    But the arrival of Bale could make things very difficult for the Spaniard.

    With Bale likely becoming the starting winger with Cristiano Ronaldo moving to the position of striker, Morata would become the third option for Carlo Ancelotti.

    Last season, Morata only featured in 12 matches in La Liga and just two games in the Copa del Rey, according to ESPN. That number should definitely rise this year, but that will not happen if Bale arrives.

Mesut Ozil

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    Across all competitions last year, Mesut Ozil dished out an unbelievable 35 assists. If anyone is going to benefit from the arrival of Gareth Bale, it is “Avatar Eyes.”

    Ozil’s ability to create chances and pass the ball is incredible. Pair that with his keen awareness during counter attacks and Bale’s blazing speed and you have a recipe for a deadly combination.

    The German international would love having both Bale and Ronaldo to pass to and could showcase just how good he actually is. If Bale does come to Real Madrid, expect Ozil’s statistics to rise even higher than they have already.

    As a playmaker just imagine feeding Ronaldo and Bale. Ozil has to be smiling somewhere at the thought of it.

Karim Benzema

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    When looking at Karim Benzema’s statistics over the last two seasons there is a drastic change. Two years ago the French striker impressed everyone scoring 21 goals in La Liga, yet last season was only able to manage 11 strikes.

    Now with Benzema as the first-choice striker there is going to be a lot of pressure on his shoulders to perform. With the pressure rising, the arrival of Bale could be both a blessing and a curse for Benzema.

    To begin with the good, Benzema will likely lose his starting role as Cristiano Ronaldo will take over. This will immediately take the pressure off of Benzema and allow him to relax more by not having to play such a vital role.

    Yet at the same time it could spell doom for the 25-year-old.

    Benzema may enjoy having less pressure but he will not enjoy being a backup. With the World Cup just around the corner he needs to show that he has what it takes to carry France, but that is unlikely to happen when you are featuring as a reserve.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Allow me to begin by saying that on paper a striking duo of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale would be one of the best pairings the world has ever seen. But would the two actually be able to get along?

    The old adage states that great players can always play with other great players. But that has been proven wrong over the years. I believe that the two could form a deadly strike force, but I also expect there to be some tension.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is considered by many to be the best player in the world and thus deserves to be treated as such. But the arrival of Gareth Bale could have Ronaldo looking over his shoulder.

    Let’s take a look back. In 2009 Ronaldo left Manchester United to join Real Madrid for a world-record fee of £80 million. Known for his pride in his playing abilities, it is easy to assume that being the most expensive player in the world appeals to Ronaldo.

    Fast-forward to last season when Ronaldo sent the world into a tailspin by saying he was “sad” at the club and things have changed a lot.

    Real Madrid have since been desperately trying to convince Ronaldo to sign a new contract. However, the 28-year-old has recently revealed through the Mirror that the negotiations have not produced anything positive.

    Now let’s look at this in context to Gareth Bale.

    Real Madrid want to pair up Ronaldo and Bale together while still trying to convince Ronaldo that he is the club’s most important player.

    Not only would Real Madrid break Ronaldo’s transfer record by signing Bale, they would also likely want to take him out of his customary position on the left-wing and push him forward as a striker.

    You try telling Ronaldo that he is the face of the club while asking him to give up his position to the player who broke his record. If you ask me, that could end very badly.

Is Gareth Bale Worth It?

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    If we are being honest I don’t believe that anyone would agree that a player is worth as much money as Tottenham are asking for Gareth Bale. But if Real Madrid do turn over the cash for the 24-year-old, will it pay off?

    I do not believe that Real Madrid will regret purchasing Bale. However, I also do not think the club will look back at Bale and see him as one of the greatest signings in history.

    Bale’s arrival would immediately change the makeup of the squad as it is. Several players would have to change positions and younger stars may be forced to leave altogether.

    Spain also offers a different way of playing football. Bale possesses tremendous speed and the ability to blast his shots from everywhere but he lacks the technical ability found throughout La Liga.

    I am not saying that Bale will be a flop, or will not succeed. In fact I believe that he will be a massive success at Real Madrid. The issue is at what cost will Bale succeed?

    If the 24-year-old’s personal success comes at the expense of other Real Madrid players then is that really a victory? The club would be much better off purchasing a true striker than Bale but we will not know what will really happen until he walks into the locker room and puts the white shirt on.

    Gareth Bale’s possible move to Real Madrid could be incredible, but it could also be very dangerous and bring many repercussions. Are Real Madrid ready to live with consequences?


    Who will benefit from Bale’s arrival? Who will suffer? Should Real Madrid purchase the Tottenham star at all? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


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