LeBron James Busts out the NBA Retro Look in Short Shorts

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistAugust 22, 2013

Photo via LeBron James' Instagram.
Photo via LeBron James' Instagram.

Who wears short shorts? Why, the same person who also sports knee-high socks and a fake afro, of course—LeBron James.

In a tribute to Julius Erving, LeBron posted a picture on Instagram of himself donning Dr. J's No. 6, complete with poofy hair and bottoms so short, Nicki Minaj would be proud.

What's more, James even provided a video:

First things first: Were the photos taken in a mobile home? Imitation beehive or not, LeBron's head is grazing that ceiling.

Clearly, this wasn't in any pad of his. On the off chance it was, the Miami Heat have bigger problems than LeBron's new wardrobe. Neck problems would almost certainly be on the horizon.

Next, what's the motivation behind this? LeBron named Dr. J as one of the top three NBA players ever, but that doesn't mean he has to get so nostalgic on us.

I'm thinking this has less to do with Erving himself and more to do with LeBron living out a personal fantasy of his, where shorts barely stretch past your thighs and hairdos double as smuggling devices.

Or maybe this has something to do with his own hair, or lack thereof.

Recently, the King has been going through an identity crisis above his eyebrows, dabbling in a number of different styles, including a shaved head.

If the all-natural look wasn't cutting it and LeBron is that self-conscious about his receding hairline, wearing a wig is the way to go. Not this one, obviously. He looks absolutely ridiculous. 

So, to answer his question in the caption of whether or not he should play a game dressed like this, the answer is hell no.

Tight shorts, afros and socks with pantyhose-like reach are so 30 or 40 years ago. They're reserved for people who have yet to realize disco has died. Let's keep it that way.