Why I Think Jeff Hardy May Win at Judgment Day

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Why I Think Jeff Hardy May Win at Judgment Day
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Well I have just finished reading over the card for Judgment Day and I was looking at the card:

WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista 


World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy 


ECW Championship: Christian (c) vs. Jack Swagger 


John Cena vs. The Big Show


Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Chris Jericho


CM Punk vs. Umaga 


Well I am going to do my WWE Pay Per View Preview, like I do every month, I wanted to say a few things about the card.


First of all, the card looks very predictable except for one match that catches my eye and that is the World Heavyweight Championship match between Jeff Hardy and Edge.

Most would say Edge would win because of the fact that he had just won the strap, but Edge is known for his short title runs and Jeff Hardy's future in the WWE is unknown at the time, but his contract status changes this match completely to me.


One scenario would be to have Edge win and feud with Hardy over the summer until his contract runs out in either June or July. This would not really do anything for either guy except finally give Edge the run he deserves as champion.


If this were the scenario, I could see Edge vs Hardy at Night of Champions in a gimmick match where Edge can take out Jeff and that would be his last appearance in the WWE. That does not look to be the case.


On the other hand, if Jeff were to win on Sunday, that would be a real symbol to me that Jeff Hardy will be leaving the company in the near future.


The reason I say this is due to the fact that Hardy sells merchandise and if WWE Creative would plan to use him to his full potential over the summer, WWE can get as much money as they can off of Jeff as they build John Morrison and CM Punk over that span and when or if Hardy leaves, those two can take his spot as the top babyface.

Let us face the fact that the only main event babyfaces are Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio and you cannot even count Rey because he is injury prone.


Also I do not call Punk a main eventer yet because he has yet to have a really good title reign (Mysterio's was also mediocre but he gets way over with the crowd.)


Am I being ridiculous? Maybe, but him winning would mean a lot of other possibilities as well. Maybe it was a part of a new contract were he demanded a good title run?


That is always a possibility, but I do think that the WWE will push Hardy to a height he has never been before and make all of the money he can before Hardy leaves.


Honestly, I do not believe Hardy is leaving because the guy is really messed up. I know he loves toying with this kind of choice in his life.


WWE needs him or they will have to move a big face to Smackdown or they will push Morrison and Punk to the limit in order to fill an almost irreplaceable spot which Hardy left regarding merchandise sales along with ratings.


I did hear that he may sign an extension up to one more year because Smackdown does need Hardy and I feel that his status backstage will be revealed secretly during Judgment Day.


Who knows, I may be crazy by saying that I think Hardy is likely to go over at Judgment Day whether he is leaving or not?


I'd obviously be disappointed because WWE will never give Edge a run beyond four months, but I think that is a major possibility regarding Hardy's future in the WWE.

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