The Jets Are Slowly Turning Their Players into Robots with 'Media Bridge' Cards

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 22, 2013

Image via @MMehtaNYDN
Image via @MMehtaNYDN

Quelling the media circus isn’t a forte of the New York Jets.

Between Tebowmania, anonymous players talking trash behind teammates’ backs and Rex Ryan’s penchant for quotable quotes, they could all probably use a little help when it comes to speaking with the media, right?

The Jets seem to think so and have provided all of their players with a “Media Bridge” card. 

What’s a media bridge card? A slip of laminated paper inked with all the proper ways to approach and/or respond to reporters’ questions.

Images of the cards were tweeted about by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, (via Ronald Haraka of Next Impulse Sports). 

The phrases on the cards provide a colorful bouquet of responses for players to give to the media, featuring gems such as:

  • “That reminds me”
  • “Let me just add that”
  • “You will each receive a copy of these as you leave today:”

Mmmm...tantalizing, isn’t it?

The best response on the Jets’ media bridge card begins with, “That’s not my area of expertise.” The first reason this response is great is because you can picture Mark Sanchez using it to field quarterback-related questions.

The second reason it’s great is the grammatical error in the words, “I think your audience would be interested to knowing that.”

All joking aside, it’s probably the smart thing to do at this point for the organization. It’s good to see the Jets trying to head off disaster rather than openly inviting it. If these cards keep one media snafu from occurring, they were well worth it.

Media bridges aren’t sexy, but they’re a tool more NFL franchises will likely be employing in the future.

Get excited for a new generation of freeze-dried, reused athlete interviews, everyone. It’s the wave of the future.


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