Mock Interview With Redskins Chris Horton

stephen rileyCorrespondent IMay 13, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - 2008:  Chris Horton of the Washington Redskins poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Getty Images)

Possible interview with Chris Horton


Q- You were the team’s last pick of their 2008 draft but their most impactful player from your group, did you expect to have that kind of success in your first year?


Q- The switch from college starter to pro starter can be a major one, what difficulties if any did you have in learning the playbook and becoming a starter when you weren’t expected to be one in your first season?


Q- Early draft picks typically get all the publicity and the best chance to make their rosters, do you feel it’s a huge disadvantage for lower round picks to contribute and make their teams?


Q- You were named NFC Defensive Player of the Week after your first start against New Orleans in week 2 when you recorded a fumble recovery and two interceptions, at what point in the season did you believe you could become a big time player in the league?


Q- As you know, Sean Taylor had a limited but exciting career here in Washington and quickly became a fan favorite and premier player at the safety spot, does that add any additional pressure of playing the position here?


Q- The team started out strong but tailed off towards the latter part of the season, what went wrong for you guys and how do you expect to remedy that this year?


Q- Your defensive coordinator, Greg Blache, places a heavy emphasis on his secondary being physical. How would you describe your playing style and how do you think it fits in the long run with Blache's scheme?


Q- Your fellow backfield mate, LaRon Landry, is typically played a deep 15-20 yards down the field, often leaving him as the lone safety in the Cover 1-Free scheme. How does this open things up for you to roam in the shortened area and what are your key responsibilities in this coverage?



Q- For a seventh round pick to come in and maintain the starting position, the expectations for you are only going to grow from here on out, how do you expect to manage those expectations and perfect your game?


Q- You’re a west coast guy, explain the transition you had to make from Los Angeles, CA all the way across country to Washington, D.C.