World Football Hero of the Week

Michael CummingsWorld Football Lead WriterAugust 21, 2013

Brighton & Hove Albion striker Craig Mackail-Smith became a father recently when his girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl at their home in West Sussex. It’s a heartwarming story, of course, but what’s so heroic about it?

Well, Mackail-Smith helped deliver the baby himself, along with his girlfriend’s father, who just happens to be former Peterborough United manager Barry Fry.

See, with the baby coming early, the mother was unable to make it to the local hospital in time, and so father and grandfather became unlikely midwives as nurses talked them through the delivery.

How did it go? Well, Mackail-Smith joked that the 68-year-old Fry could have been a goalkeeper because he’d never seen him move so fast.

“When the baby came we were all in shock and could not believe what had happened,” Mackail-Smith told the Brighton and Hove Argus. “It was the best and worst emotions I have been through, all in one night.”

For their admirable work under pressure, Mackail-Smith and Fry are co-recipients of our World Football Hero of the Week award here at B/R. Congratulations to all.