Biggest Ups and Downs of Philadelphia Flyers' Offseason

Garrett BakerSenior Analyst IAugust 21, 2013

Biggest Ups and Downs of Philadelphia Flyers' Offseason

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    The Philadelphia Flyers offseason was an eventful one full of big and small moves that will all have a substantial impact on the team for the 2013-14 season and beyond.

    Although there were no significant trades, the Flyers signed a couple big free agents while letting a few of their veterans go.

    Here's a look back on some of the biggest ups and downs from the Flyers 2013 offseason. 

Up: Signing Vincent Lecavalier

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    The Flyers made a surprisingly big splash in the free-agent market when they locked up Vincent Lecavalier after he was bought out by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

    The former Lightning captain will be a great second-line center for the Flyers, and came at a reasonably decent price.

Down: Questionable Draft Choices

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    Other than their second-round selection of Robert Hagg, the Flyers made some very questionable selections in June's draft.

    They reached for Samuel Morin 11th overall, and then all of their third-round picks and beyond were players who seem to have virtually no chance of making an impact in the NHL.

Up: Claude Giroux Extension

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    It's always a good thing when a team locks up their captain and franchise player to an eight-year deal.

    The Flyers gave Giroux a lot of money ($8.275 million per year), but he is the kind of player that needs to be locked up long-term, even at a hefty price tag.

Down: Claude Giroux Injury

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    Just a few weeks after announcing the contract extension, Giroux was on the wrong end of a freak accident when a golf club shattered and damaged tendons in his finger.

    He needed surgery on the finger, and is expected to miss more than a month.

Up: Buyout of Ilya Bryzgalov

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    Ilya Bryzgalov was considered the savior to Philadelphia's longstanding goaltending woes when they signed him two summers ago, but everyone is happy that he's gone after just two years.

    The Flyers bought out Bryzgalov and his enormous contract, which not only freed up their cap but also rid of them of the distracting and inconsistent netminder. 

Down: Buyout of Danny Briere

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    From a hockey standpoint, the Flyers' decision to buy out Danny Briere was a good one. He was too old and ineffective to justify his big contract, so it was smart to get rid of him.

    But Briere was a major part of the Flyers organization and the Philadelphia community, and he will be greatly missed by the city. Expect a warm welcome when he returns to town with the Montreal Canadiens.