Kobe Bryant Appearance Stops Drew League in Its Tracks

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Kobe Bryant's entourage is almost as big as mine.

The Black Mamba wandered into a gymnasium to take in some Drew League action. Naturally, the crowd went bananas, and the game came to a halt.

In the video spotted by TheScore.com, Kobe didn't raise his hand, speak into a custom-made bullhorn or somersault his way across the court. He simply sauntered into the building and toward the stands.

That was enough to send spectators into a screaming-school-girl frenzy.

Can't say I'm surprised either.

For starters, it's not as if he attempted to stay under the radar. He wasn't disguised as Uncle Drew, Mike D'Antoni or a Charlotte Bobcat. Ambling his way courtside as himself was his first mistake.

And he didn't slip in by his lonesome. Rather, Los Angeles magazine's Danny Savitzky counted what were either 10 security guards, bodyguards or close friends allergic to colorful attire traveling with him.

Mostly, though, this was just a regular, run-of-the-mill outing for Kobe. Costume or not, excess of companions or not, people tend to go nuts when he arrives. Sometimes they're even reduced to tears.

It seems that his attempts at ducking a public spectacle would have been thwarted anyway, since he was given a rather unnecessary introduction when he walked in. 

Nothing like making it even more difficult for Kobe to take in a basketball game.

Such are the perils of leaving home when you're almost as interesting as the most interesting man in the world. Imagine what would have happened had he not come with an army of bouncers. Fans might have trampled him out of sheer excitement.

Which is why Kobe doesn't always show up without notice. But when he does, no announcement is necessary.

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