WWE Proclamation: John Cena Deserves Your Respect and the Boos Need to Stop

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIAugust 21, 2013

Credit to simonlindner.deviantart.com
Credit to simonlindner.deviantart.com

John Cena—the name represents love and hate. Alone, it will bring a reaction from almost anyone. If you ask a non-wrestling fan who Cena was, he or she would be able to give a response from his music career, acting jobs or appearances for charities across the world. 

Normally, I let the Internet Wrestling Community alone and attempt to forget all of the stuff they pull at the live shows or alone at their computer screens. I attempt to give them a pass because I am a part of the IWC. 

However, I have a huge problem with what they decided to do Tuesday night. Cena is one of the biggest heels in WWE history. Think about it, and you should agree. 

Even though Cena doesn't pull heel-like tactics, 65 percent of the WWE Universe still hates his guts.

For what reason is Cena so hated?

Is it due to his persistence in the ring or on the mic? Does his message that he portrays on T-shirts make you mad?

Are you jealous of his five moves of doom, or is he unlikable because he cannot wrestle like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan? 

To me, the Cena haters are extremely petty and stubborn to hate someone such as the West Newbury native. Before I go into full Cena-loving mode, let me make myself clear. 

I'm not a Cena fan.

I enjoy his work inside the ring and on the stick.

Punk and Edge are my two favorite wrestlers of all time. So, to tell me I'm a Cena mark is a complete lie. If I ruined a few readers’ comments, I'm sorry to burst your bubble. 

Cena's in-ring work is quite accomplished. He has wrestled more than one five-star match in his 10-year stint with World Wrestling Entertainment. His most recent fight with Bryan gained five stars in my book. 

The feud with Punk is my favorite feud of all time. Yes, Punk did a great deal, but it would not have been the same without Cena. Most matches with Cena are big fights that sell cards. 

I will go on record and claim that he is very good on the microphone. Listen to his promo against Bryan a few weeks back on Raw and tell me again it wasn't good. The challenge for the haters is to admit he can talk. If you cannot do that, well, I'm sorry.

Charity work goes a long way in WWE. It should go miles in the hearts of people, but they seem to overlook his charitable contributions over the years. He has granted the most wishes for the Make-a-Wish foundation in its history. 

People don't seem to care about that. Yes, that's a bit deep, but wrestling fans are cruel. 

Quite possibly the biggest frustration yet in the hatred of Cena took place two nights ago on Raw. To begin the show, he came out and announced that he lost to Bryan in a fair match. Simply, Bryan got the best of the former 11-time champion. 

News was made when he said that it would take four to six months to heal his torn left tricep. That was the result of his baseball-sized elbow. Still...still...the fans chanted in unison, "Cena sucks! Cena sucks!" 

Are you kidding me? The man just wrestled in a five-star, 30-minute match with a torn tricep, put Bryan over clean and neglected the doctor's wishes to not wrestle two weeks before SummerSlam. 

And yet you boo? Why? 

What will Cena have to do to gain respect from the IWC? Maybe he should wrestle with a break in each arm, leg and sternum, yet continue to fight for 30 minutes at a major pay-per-view. 

To respond to the claims about Cena burying people, let's be very fair. If Punk were to be nailed with claims about that same thing, not nearly as many fans would believe it. 

Everyone jumped on the "Cena-burying" train just like "Yolo" swept the nation. You all did it. 

I'm curious how many fans that read this column will immediately downgrade my opinions to abysmal and pathetic. I sure hope not because the IWC can be very intelligent at times. 

More often than not, we come up with the best storylines for WWE to use. 

Here is the message brought to the table: Cena is a warrior that should receive your respect. To downgrade a man because of WWE's business decisions for its top star is simply immature.

For now, enjoy that he is here to wrestle and put on a show. When he is gone, Cena will be missed—that I can guarantee.

Via ESPN's Jon Robinson:

I'm not trying to brainwash my critics. If they're critics, they're critics, and that's their job to be critical, but I certainly enjoy the involvement I have with my fans. I enjoy the time I get to spend with them, and I don't waste time with someone stubborn who is not going to come around.