Madden 25: Highlighting Details of Sunday Ticket Pre-Order Promotion

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Madden 25: Highlighting Details of Sunday Ticket Pre-Order Promotion
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Quite honestly, I usually bypass every single pre-order bonus for video games because the extra content is never worth the extra dough to me. However, as a major football fan, the Madden 25 Sunday Ticket pre-order deal is the exception.

Because I'm also a DirecTV subscriber, it makes the deal all the more appealing. My normal Sunday during football season goes as follows: I watch the Chicago Bears no matter what time the game comes on.

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Before or after the Bears' game, I watch NFL Red Zone to stay abreast of the day's action and keep Twitter up for injury updates and such. No matter if the Bears are on a bye week, play on Sunday, Monday or Thursday night, it's Red Zone all day for me.

I'm sure many others follow a similar routine during the fall and winter months.

To keep up this gloriously macho routine, I'd have to pay $59.99 per month for five months to get access to Red Zone and the televised games in their entirety through Sunday Ticket.

Depending on how deep are your pockets, it's not a bad deal. However, there is no disputing that paying $99.99 through for Madden 25 and a year-long subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket on any mobile device is a steal.

For customers who prefer to watch games on their television, but know they will be away from home a good number of Sundays, this could be an enhancement to their service. It'll allow those customers to watch the games on a tablet, cell phone, etc. on the go.

What's even better is that the offer doesn't even require a subscription to DirecTV. That's perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions in regards to this offer. Non-subscribers will still receive the same code to access Sunday Ticket.

With Sony recently canceling its partnership with Sunday Ticket, per Greg Miller of IGN, PS3 owners who don't have DirecTV would only have access to Sunday Ticket through Madden 25.

Aside from the Sunday Ticket hookup, here's the other goodies included in the offer:

  • Madden NFL 25 standard edition for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (of course)
  • One Madden Ultimate Team pack per week for the 17 weeks of the NFL season

Could this be the offer that entices non-Madden players into giving the game a spin? Perhaps, but either way, it's hard to pick this offer apart. Seems like a good deal, no matter who are or how you look at it.


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