Evaluating the Financial Health of Every NBA Team After the Offseason

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistAugust 21, 2013

Evaluating the Financial Health of Every NBA Team After the Offseason

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    Only one NBA team will win a championship at the end of the 2013-14 season. 

    The rest will be left playing for the future, and even the new (or old, if the Miami Heat win again) champions will have to look ahead after they get to hold up the trophy. That's why financial health is so important. 

    In this article, I'm going to be breaking down each team's financial health by taking a look at the remaining contracts for 2014-15, the expiring deals, the options on any contracts and the non-guaranteed contracts. It's also worth noting that I'm going to assume the cap is set at around $59 million, based on this year's $58.7 million. 

    Every team is in a distinct situation. 

    Two teams (Team A and Team B) with $10 million of cap space don't necessarily have the same level of financial health, simply because they don't have identical rosters. What if Team A has three All-Stars on the roster and Team B doesn't have any? 

    That's why looking at context is so important, and it's never too early to start looking ahead. 


    Note: All contract information comes from Spotrac.com.

Atlanta Hawks

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    Money Committed: $45,336,656

    Contracts Expiring: Elton Brand (unrestricted), Gustavo Ayon (unrestricted), Shelvin Mack (restricted), Mike Scott (restricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: John Jenkins ($1,312,920), Jared Cunningham ($1,260,360)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Pero Antic ($1,250,000)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $49,159,936


    The Atlanta Hawks are in fantastic shape for the future because they have a number of key pieces moving forward, aren't losing any truly crucial players and still have money to burn even if they bring all possible contracts back. 

    John Jenkins and Jared Cunningham will almost certainly have their team options picked up, and I'd be shocked if Pero Antic's salary doesn't become guaranteed. The Macedonian version of Carlos Boozer is going to surprise a lot of people in 2013-14 and carve out a larger-than-expected role for himself. 

    And with Al Horford, Kyle Korver, Jeff Teague, Lou Williams, Paul Millsap and Dennis Schroeder already on the roster, the Hawks can still afford to spend almost eight figures on a marquee free agent to complete the roster. 

    This financial snapshot is just further evidence that general manager Danny Ferry has done a fantastic job during his brief tenure. 

Boston Celtics

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    Money Committed: $48,730,705

    Contracts Expiring: Kris Humphries (unrestricted), Avery Bradley (restricted), Jordan Crawford (restricted), Donte Greene (unrestricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Jared Sullinger ($1,424,520), MarShon Brooks ($2,179,354)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Keith Bogans ($5,285,838), Phil Pressey ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $58,436,899


    The Boston Celtics are in a bit of a pickle going forward, which is only going to complicate the rebuilding process. 

    Fortunately, Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo are under control for a little while longer, but the team will have to worry about signing Avery Bradley (either in restricted free agency or by giving him an extension before he hits the market), Jared Sullinger and MarShon Brooks. 

    If the latter two are brought back with their team options, Boston will already be well over the salary cap and only able to re-sign players via Bird rights or use exceptions to target value veterans. That's not going to help the C's find the complementary star needed to regain entry into the club of elites. 

    Then again, a lottery pick in the stacked 2014 NBA draft could also prove to be the source of another star player. 

Brooklyn Nets

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    Money Committed: $82,598,151

    Contracts Expiring: Paul Pierce (unrestricted), Andray Blatche (unrestricted), Shaun Livingston (unrestricted), Tyshawn Taylor (restricted), Tornike Shengelia (restricted)

    Player Options: Andrei Kirilenko ($3,326,235), Alan Anderson ($1,063,384)

    Team Options: None

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: None

    Potential Maximum Committed: $86,987,770


    Next offseason, we'll get to find out if Mikhail Prokhorov's pocketbooks really are as deep as they seem. The Brooklyn Nets won't be subject to the dreaded repeater's tax (a harsh punishment for being taxpayers during three of the four previous seasons), but they will be well over the luxury tax once more. 

    Brooklyn has more than $82 million committed, and that's before Andrei Kirilenko and Alan Anderson inevitably opt into their contracts.

    Plus, that figure doesn't account for Paul Pierce, Andray Blatche or any of the other players with expiring contracts. If the Nets wish to re-sign them, they could be looking at 10 digits of expenditures.

    Regardless, the phrase "financial flexibility" doesn't exist for Brooklyn. They won't have the space necessary to pursue anyone but their own free agents and veterans willing to sign for minimum contracts. Just another reason why it's now or never for the Nets.  

Charlotte Bobcats

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    Money Committed: $25,747,227

    Contracts Expiring: Ben Gordon (unrestricted), Ramon Sessions (unrestricted), Jeff Adrien (unrestricted), Anthony Tolliver (unrestricted), Jannero Pargo (unrestricted)

    Player Options: Josh McRoberts ($2,771,340)

    Team Options: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist ($5,016,960), Bismack Biyombo ($3,873,898), Kemba Walker ($3,272,091)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Jeff Taylor ($915,243)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $41,596,759


    With Ben Gordon and Ramon Sessions' salaries coming off the books at the conclusion of the 2013-14 season, the Charlotte Bobcats are actually in great shape. Seems weird to say, right? 

    You can pretty much guarantee that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kemba Walker and Jeff Taylor are returning, and it seems unlikely that the team would give up on Bismack Biyombo so early. But even if all of them return, the Bobcats will be paying less than $42 million and boasting a lineup that features Kemba, Gerald Henderson, MKG, Cody Zeller and Al Jefferson

    That's a lineup that could actually make some noise, especially after another year of development. But they'll also be adding in another high-potential rookie (sorry, Charlotte fans, but that lineup isn't good enough to escape the lottery in 2013-14), and they'll still have enough cap space to make another solid free-agent signing. 

    General manager Rich Cho wasn't given the easiest task when he was asked to turn around the Bobcats, but he's on the right track.

Chicago Bulls

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    Money Committed: $60,661,569

    Contracts Expiring: Luol Deng (unrestricted), Kirk Hinrich (unrestricted), Nazr Mohammed (unrestricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Jimmy Butler ($2,008,748), Marquis Teague ($1,120,920)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Erik Murphy ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $64,607,719


    If you think the Chicago Bulls are going to let either Jimmy Butler or Marquis Teague walk, just stop. They aren't. 

    It's a fairly safe assumption that the Bulls will enter the 2014 offseason well over the cap, but they'll have a couple of tough decisions to make, and they both involve the pictured players. 

    Will Chicago bring back Luol Deng? If they do, they'll presumably be well over the luxury tax and will still have to sign more players to fill out the roster. 

    Then, what to do with Carlos Boozer? This could finally be the offseason in which the Bulls pull the trigger on the amnesty clause and wipe his $16.8 million salary off the books. It's a move you can expect to see, because that pushes the expenditures down and could allow Chicago to finally bring Nikola Mirotic across the pond as a replacement. 

    Chicago won't have a lot of external player movement next offseason, but it will still be an exciting summer. 

Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Money Committed: $14,214,242

    Contracts Expiring: C.J. Miles (unrestricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Kyrie Irving ($7,070,730), Tristan Thompson ($5,138,430), Dion Waiters ($4,062,000), Tyler Zeller ($1,703,760)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Andrew Bynum ($12,540,000), Anderson Varejao ($9,704,595), Earl Clark ($4,250,000), Alonzo Gee ($3,000,000), Matthew Dellavedova ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $62,500,239


    Few teams have such a large disparity between the money committed and the potential maximum committed. 

    The reason is the ridiculous number of options and non-guaranteed salaries on the Cleveland Cavaliers' roster. 

    It's foolhardy to speculate about Andrew Bynum, simply because we have no idea what to expect from him. He might not even play for Cleveland, but he could also look like the second-best center in the NBA once more. We just don't know. 

    If Bynum is a stud again, it's likely that Cleveland would have to cut ties with Anderson Varejao. By doing so, they'd free up $5.7 million and push themselves below the expected cap. That's also assuming that all of the team options are picked up, which I can just about guarantee right now. 

    Cleveland isn't going to be a major player next offseason. The Cavs did all of the work this summer instead

Dallas Mavericks

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    Money Committed: $26,196,235

    Contracts Expiring: Dirk Nowitzki (unrestricted), Shawn Marion (unrestricted), Vince Carter (unrestricted), DeJuan Blair (unrestricted), Devin Harris (unrestricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Jae Crowder ($915,243)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Samuel Dalembert ($3,867,282)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $30,978,751


    Mark Cuban wouldn't have it any other way. 

    The Dallas Mavericks will have plenty of money to play with during the next free-agency period. Again. Just like always. 

    But this time, the biggest priority may have to be convincing their own superstar to re-sign with the same franchise he's always played for. Dirk Nowitzki will be an unrestricted free agent, and there will inevitably be plenty of discussion about whether or not he should leave to chase a ring. 

    If he re-signs, the Mavs will still have enough money for a new max player. They'll just have to convince him to join the squad, something they've been unable to do with all of the hot targets over the past few offseasons. 

    Basically, while Dallas is a financially healthy franchise, that doesn't guarantee a turnaround in the offseason.

Denver Nuggets

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    Money Committed: $57,438,765

    Contracts Expiring: None

    Player Options: Darrell Arthur ($3,457,149)

    Team Options: Evan Fournier ($1,483,920), Kenneth Faried ($2,249,768), Jordan Hamilton ($2,109,294)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Andre Miller ($4,625,000), Quincy Miller ($915,243)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $72,279,139


    The Denver Nuggets are pretty much locked into the roster that Masai Ujiri built for them, even if the Nigerian general manager is now in charge of the Toronto Raptors. 

    They already have more than $57 million committed before any options are exercised.

    It's highly unlikely that Darrell Arthur turns down nearly $3.5 million, and the only reasonable player to let go would be Andre Miller. And still, the veteran point guard's contract is guaranteed for $2 million, so the Nuggets wouldn't exactly be freeing up too much money by letting him walk.

    Denver is stuck with the current makeup of the roster, so Brian Shaw and Co. better hope they can help someone like JaVale McGee, Ty Lawson or Danilo Gallinari make the leap into the realm of superstars. 

    That's the best chance this franchise has for immediate upward mobility. 

Detroit Pistons

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    Money Committed: $30,912,270

    Contracts Expiring: Charlie Villanueva (unrestricted), Rodney Stuckey (unrestricted), Greg Monroe (restricted)

    Player Options: Jonas Jerebko ($4,500,000)

    Team Options: Chauncey Billups ($2,500,000), Andre Drummond ($2,568,360)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Peyton Siva ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $41,297,112


    The Detroit Pistons have so many reasons to be excited about the future. 

    I'm not a huge fan of the current roster makeup because I have serious questions about the stars' abilities to coexist, but there's so much potential for improvement next year. Let's run through all of the players listed above. 

    Charlie Villanueva and Rodney Stuckey's way-too-large contracts are coming off the books, and they shouldn't be brought back. I'm honestly not sure what Detroit will want to do with Greg Monroe, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him moved in a sign-and-trade to free up space for Andre Drummond and Josh Smith

    As for the options, there's no way Jonas Jerebko is turning down $4.5 million, but Chauncey Billups might not be brought back, as this could very well be his last season in the NBA. Drummond's option will certainly be picked up, as will Peyton Siva's contract. 

    That puts Detroit at $38,797,112 with Drummond, J-Smoove and Brandon Jennings already on the roster. Add in one more max player, plus the young gun whom Monroe is traded for, and you're looking at a roster capable of actually contending in the Eastern Conference. 

Golden State Warriors

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    Money Committed: $42,692,497

    Contracts Expiring: Andrew Bogut (unrestricted), Jermaine O'Neal (unrestricted), Toney Douglas (unrestricted), Kent Bazemore (restricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Harrison Barnes ($3,049,920), Klay Thompson ($3,075,880), Festus Ezeli ($1,112,880)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Draymond Green ($915,243)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $50,846,420


    The Golden State Warriors are going to be able to keep all of the key pieces together, but they won't be able to make any more big improvements to the roster. 

    Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry are already locked into place, and there's no way the Dubs are letting any of the team options or non-guaranteed salaries get away. All four players are key to Golden State's long-term plans. 

    In other words, you may as well pencil in that potential maximum committed. Go ahead and use a pen if you want. 

    That leaves around $8 million free before hitting the salary cap, but Andrew Bogut still needs to be re-signed, as do the other expiring contracts. It's either going to be them or a mid-level free agent who can help fill any hole that emerges during the 2013-14 campaign. 

    Regardless, it was the 2013 offseason that will have made the biggest splash. 

Houston Rockets

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    Money Committed: $53,730,889

    Contracts Expiring: Marcus Camby (unrestricted), Aaron Brooks (unrestricted), Greg Smith (unrestricted)

    Player Options: Francisco Garcia ($1,322,946)

    Team Options: Terrence Jones ($1,618,680), Donatas Motiejunas ($1,483,920)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Omri Casspi ($1,063,384), Reggie Williams ($1,063,384), Chandler Parsons ($964,750), Patrick Beverley ($915,243), B.J. Young ($816,482), Robert Covington ($816,482), Jordan Henriquez ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $64,612,612


    The Houston Rockets have a ton of decisions to wade through after the 2013-14 season comes to a conclusion. 

    They should pick up both team options without question, unless Terrence Jones allegedly stomping on a homeless man is indicative of future behavior. The non-guaranteed salaries are more difficult, but the Rockets would be foolish not to bring back at least Chandler Parsons and Patrick Beverley. 

    Parsons for less than $1 million in 2014-15 will be the best value contract in the NBA, bar none. 

    With those four players and Francisco Garcia returning, the Rockets would already be up to $60,036,428 in expenditures. They wouldn't be able to add any more big names, not that they need to with Dwight Howard and James Harden still on the roster. 

    Moving Omer Asik and/or Jeremy Lin would still be the only way to pick up enough financial flexibility for general manager Daryl Morey to pursue another stud. 

Indiana Pacers

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    Money Committed: $50,252,277

    Contracts Expiring: Danny Granger (unrestricted), Paul George (restricted), Lance Stephenson (unrestricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: None

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Donald Sloan ($948,163), Orlando Johnson ($915,243)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $52,115,683


    The Indiana Pacers might seem like they have enough money to make noise next summer. 

    They don't. 

    There's a zero percent chance that Indiana fails to match any offer for Paul George. If a team offers him a max contract, Indiana will simply say, "Nope. Nice try. He's still ours." Hell, they'd probably do that even if a team somehow figured out how to offer more than a max contract. 

    That already pushes Indiana over the cap, and they still have to figure out what to do with Danny Granger and Lance Stephenson. 

    But it's by no means all negative for the Pacers. Remember, they were just one game away from advancing to the NBA Finals and just upgraded the roster by letting Granger stay put and adding both Chris Copeland and C.J. Watson to the league's second-worst set of backups. 

    That roster will still be in place at the conclusion of the next offseason. 

Los Angeles Clippers

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    Money Committed: $60,225,799

    Contracts Expiring: Ryan Hollins (unrestricted), Maalik Wayns (restricted), Brandon Davies (restricted)

    Player Options: Darren Collison ($1,985,500), Byron Mullens ($1,063,384)

    Team Options: None

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Jamal Crawford ($5,450,000), Willie Green ($1,448,490)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $70,173,173


    Even if Darren Collison and Byron Mullens decline their player options and the Los Angeles Clippers cut ties with Jamal Crawford (who has $1.5 million guaranteed) and Willie Green, they'll be over the cap. 

    Fortunately, they aren't losing any big pieces. 

    Every key member of the stacked L.A. roster will still be in place, and that includes the trio of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. 

    There isn't any reason for the Clippers to get excited about the offseason, but there won't be any reason to get nervous either. That's a welcome change from this summer, when it was possible CP3 could flee for a new location. 

Los Angeles Lakers

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    Money Committed: $10,616,243

    Contracts Expiring: Kobe Bryant (unrestricted), Pau Gasol (unrestricted), Steve Blake (unrestricted), Jordan Hill (unrestricted), Chris Kaman (unrestricted), Jodie Meeks (unrestricted), Shawne Williams (unrestricted), Wesley Johnson (unrestricted), Jordan Farmar (unrestricted)

    Player Options: Nick Young ($1,227,985)

    Team Options: None

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Elias Harris ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $12,660,710


    It's actually way easier to list the players who are on the books for 2014-15 than it is to list the players who could potentially be leaving. 

    Robert Sacre and Steve Nash. 

    That's it. The rest (with the cheap exception of Elias Harris and Nick Young) will all be hitting the open market as free agents. 

    Re-signing Kobe Bryant—and probably Pau Gasol as well—will be the top priority, but the Los Angeles Lakers have big hopes and dreams. They'll be shooting for the stars and hoping that someone like LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony opts out of a contract and becomes an unrestricted free agent. 

    Anything could happen in Hollywood. 

Memphis Grizzlies

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    Money Committed: $38,611,393

    Contracts Expiring: Ed Davis (restricted), Jerryd Bayless (unrestricted), Quincy Pondexter (restricted), Willie Reed (unrestricted), Josh Akognon (restricted)

    Player Options: Zach Randolph ($16,973,333)

    Team Options: Fab Melo ($1,367,640), Tony Wroten Jr. ($1,210,080), Nick Calathes ($816,482)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Kosta Koufos ($3,000,000), Jamaal Franklin ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $62,795,710


    The Memphis Grizzlies probably hope they don't have to spend any money during the 2014 offseason. 

    It all comes down to Zach Randolph. 

    The standout power forward with great post-scoring abilities and a nose for boards has a player option, and he could potentially turn down $17 million in order to guarantee his long-term future and sign with an even more elite team. If he does so, the Grizz will have enough money to spend that they could replace him with another high-caliber player. 

    But if Z-Bo chooses to opt in, they'll be right around the projected cap before bringing back any players with team options or non-guaranteed salaries. 

    Don't expect much change in Memphis. 

Miami Heat

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    Money Committed: None

    Contracts Expiring: Mario Chalmers (unrestricted), Shane Battier (unrestricted), Ray Allen (unrestricted), James Jones (unrestricted), Rashard Lewis (unrestricted), Greg Oden (unrestricted), Jarvis Varnado (unrestricted)

    Player Options: LeBron James ($20,590,000), Chris Bosh ($20,590,000), Dwyane Wade ($20,164,000), Udonis Haslem ($4,620,000), Joel Anthony ($3,800,000), Chris Andersen ($1,754,981)

    Team Options: Norris Cole ($2,038,206)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: None

    Potential Maximum Committed: $73,557,187


    The Miami Heat literally don't have a single guaranteed contract on the books after this season. Every single player either has an option clause or an expiring deal, so the offseason could go in an infinite number of directions. 

    Pat Riley and Co. do have to be careful to limit spending, though, or else they could push past the luxury tax threshold and end up paying that dreaded repeater's tax. 

    You're surely going to hear about this a lot over the next calendar year, but LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh (among others) could all opt out of their contracts and hit the market as unrestricted free agents. If that happens, Miami will be thrown into disarray and have to figure out a Plan B rather quickly. 

    For the record, I don't expect that to happen, but it is a possibility. 

Milwaukee Bucks

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    Money Committed: $43,704,925

    Contracts Expiring: Ekpe Udoh (restricted), Luke Ridnour (unrestricted), Vyacheslav Kravtsov (restricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Brandon Knight ($3,553,917), John Henson ($1,967,320)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Ish Smith ($992,435)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $50,218,597


    The Milwaukee Bucks will have a decent amount of money to spend, but they still don't have too many pieces geared toward the future. Brandon Knight and John Henson will almost certainly be rejoining the recently re-upped Larry Sanders, but beyond that trio, how many players are really part of the future? 

    Ersan Ilyasova could be, and the same applies to O.J. Mayo, but they're hardly key parts of the rebuild. 

    With only seven figures to spend before hitting the cap, Milwaukee needs to blow things up in a big way. 

    Will general manager John Hammond be bold enough to do it?

Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Money Committed: $56,901,058

    Contracts Expiring: Dante Cunningham (unrestricted), Chris Johnson (unrestricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Derrick Williams ($6,331,404), Ricky Rubio ($4,660,479)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: None

    Potential Maximum Committed: $67,892,941


    The Minnesota Timberwolves are set to have one of the most nondescript offseasons possible. 

    They'll inevitably re-sign Derrick Williams (who has shown flashes of potential) and Ricky Rubio (duh!), pushing their guaranteed expenditures to nearly $68 million. And with only two low-level free agents hitting the open market, the roster is already in place. 

    Quite frankly, there isn't much to talk about with the 'Wolves. We can just continue discussing their realistic playoff dreams for the 2013-14 season in the meantime. 

New Orleans Pelicans

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    Money Committed: $44,560,369

    Contracts Expiring: Al-Farouq Aminu (unrestricted), Greg Stiemsma (unrestricted), Jason Smith (unrestricted), Brian Roberts (restricted), Darius Miller (restricted)

    Player Options: Anthony Morrow ($2,439,840)

    Team Options: Anthony Davis ($5,607,240), Austin Rivers ($2,439,840)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Jeff Withey ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $55,893,471


    This is a make-or-break season for Austin Rivers. 

    $2.44 million may not seem like a lot of money for the shooting guard, but the New Orleans Pelicans won't pick up his option if he's going to continue playing like the least valuable player in NBA history. Personally, I'd bet on a significant uptick in production from Doc Rivers' son. 

    Anthony Davis will obviously be brought back, and that's not going to leave the Pelicans with much money to spend. They'll be able to pick up a few veterans who can provide depth for the talented roster of guards, but that's about it. 

    Still, NOLA should be in good shape thanks to the acquisitions of Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans. 

New York Knicks

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    Money Committed: $27,286,557

    Contracts Expiring: Kenyon Martin (unrestricted), Beno Udrih (unrestricted)

    Player Options: Amar'e Stoudemire ($23,410,988), Carmelo Anthony ($23,333,404), Andrea Bargnani ($12,612,500), Metta World Peace ($1,663,274)

    Team Options: Iman Shumpert ($2,616,975)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Jeremy Tyler ($948,163), C.J. Leslie ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $92,688,343


    At first, the New York Knicks' money committed looks like a strong figure. That gives them plenty of money to spend, after all. 

    However, that's not really the case, and if it is, it won't be a positive. 

    Iman Shumpert will definitely be brought back, seeing as he's a shooting guard with high potential on both ends of the court. It's the player options that could cause the team a little more grief. 

    I would be completely shocked if Amar'e Stoudemire, Metta World Peace or Andrea Bargnani opted out of their contracts, so between that trio and Shumpert, the expenditures are already up to $67,590,294. And then there's the whole Carmelo Anthony thing. 

    There's already been a ton of speculation about what 'Melo will do. Will he stay? Will he leave New York for the Los Angeles Lakers?

    The Knicks have to hope it's the former, because if he leaves, there's no chance of replacing him with a similar talent. 

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Money Committed: $62,055,914

    Contracts Expiring: Thabo Sefolosha (unrestricted), DeAndre Liggins (restricted), Ryan Gomes (unrestricted), Derek Fisher (unrestricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Jeremy Lamb ($2,202,000), Reggie Jackson ($2,204,370), Perry Jones III ($1,129,200)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Hasheem Thabeet ($1,250,000), Daniel Orton ($981,084)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $69,822,568


    For the second offseason in a row, the Oklahoma City Thunder aren't going to be able to bring in any significant new players. 

    Even before worrying about options and guarantees, the Thunder are over the cap. Bringing back Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones III (all of which they'll definitely do) pushes the total even higher. Hasheem Thabeet should absolutely return now that he's emerged as one of the most underrated defenders in basketball, and Daniel Orton is just about irrelevant. 

    That still pushes OKC up into the high $60 millions before they even think about re-signing Thabo Sefolosha. 

    Fortunately, the Thunder's roster is already pretty stacked, seeing as I haven't even mentioned Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook or Serge Ibaka until now. 

Orlando Magic

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    Money Committed: $27,893,734

    Contracts Expiring: Hedo Turkoglu (unrestricted), E'Twaun Moore (unrestricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: None

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Jameer Nelson ($8,000,000), Jason Maxiell ($2,500,000), Ronnie Price ($1,316,809), Kyle O'Quinn ($915,243), Doron Lamb ($915,243)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $41,541,029


    Once the Orlando Magic use their inevitably high draft pick in 2014 to select their point guard of the future, they'll be able to part ways with Jameer Nelson and only pay the $4 million that he has guaranteed. They should also bring back the other players with non-guaranteed salaries, so that pushes the committed money to $37,51,029. 

    And that's with a roster that already features a point guard to be named, Victor Oladipo, Arron Afflalo, Maurice Harkless, Tobias Harris and Nikola Vucevic. 

    Things are looking up in Orlando, especially because Rob Hennigan has put together a strong enough roster than he could lure in a star with his available money.

Philadelphia 76ers

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    Money Committed: $9,410,869

    Contracts Expiring: Evan Turner (restricted), Spencer Hawes (unrestricted), LaVoy Allen (restricted), Kwame Brown (unrestricted)

    Player Options: Jason Richardson ($6,601,125)

    Team Options: Royce White ($1,793,520), Arnett Moultrie ($1,136,160)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: James Anderson ($981,084), Tim Ohlbrecht ($915,243)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $20,838,001


    Now we come to the team that has an insane amount of money to spend during the 2014 offseason. 

    Even if Jason Richardson opts into his contract and the Philadelphia 76ers bring everyone back (other than the free agents), they'll still have just over $20 million committed. They could potentially bring in two star players, fill up the roster, keep Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams and still sign their incoming rookies. 

    This is going to be a rough season for Philly, but there's hope for a quick turnaround. 

    Just as long as they don't spend too much money trying to retain Evan Turner. 

Phoenix Suns

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    Money Committed: $12,112,280

    Contracts Expiring: Caron Butler (unrestricted), Marcin Gortat (unrestricted), Shannon Brown (unrestricted), Eric Bledsoe (restricted), Malcolm Lee (restricted), P.J. Tucker (restricted)

    Player Options: Channing Frye ($6,800,000)

    Team Options: Markieff Morris ($2,989,239), Kendall Marshall ($2,091,840), Marcus Morris ($2,943,221), Miles Plumlee ($1,169,880)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Michael Beasley ($6,250,000)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $34,356,460


    Do you think there's any chance that Michael Beasley will have his $6.25 million salary picked up? It's completely non-guaranteed, and he was such a negative contributor that he managed to earn more time on the bench for a team that wasn't even remotely competitive. 

    The same can't be said for Kendall Marshall, Miles Plumlee or either of the Morris twins. Add in Channing Frye's $6.8 million (why would he turn that down?), and the Suns are looking at $28,106,460 in guaranteed money before attempting to sign any free agents. 

    Of the many expiring contracts, only one is truly pressing: Eric Bledose, whom the desert-based organization picked up via trade during the offseason. Marcin Gortat is much more expendable now that Alex Len is on the roster. 

    Phoenix will be able to offer free agents both money and playing time, but will that be enough to convince anyone to join a struggling franchise? 

Portland Trail Blazers

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    Money Committed: $45,088,134

    Contracts Expiring: Earl Watson (unrestricted), Terrel Harris (unrestricted)

    Player Options: Mo Williams ($2,771,340)

    Team Options: Thomas Robinson ($3,678,360), Damian Lillard ($3,340,920), Meyers Leonard ($2,317,920)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Robin Lopez ($6,124,729), Will Barton ($915,243)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $64,236,646


    It's a good thing the Portland Trail Blazers used the 2013 offseason to upgrade the bench rather significantly. 

    Of the players with options or non-guaranteed contracts, only Mo Williams is likely to leave. Without much money or a starting job, it's not too far outside the realm of realistic possibilities that Williams could opt out of his contract after just one year in search of greener pastures. 

    On the flip side, Thomas Robinson, Damian Lillard, Meyers Leonard, Robin Lopez and Will Barton will all be coming back to make another playoff push. That ups the money committed to just about $61.5 million. 

    Obviously that's already over the salary cap, so Portland won't be able to make any more big moves. Instead, Rip City will just have to rely on the improvements of the young players already on the roster. 

Sacramento Kings

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    Money Committed: $38,296,588

    Contracts Expiring: DeMarcus Cousins (restricted), Patrick Patterson (restricted), Greivis Vasquez (restricted), Isaiah Thomas (restricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Jimmer Fredette ($3,110,796)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: John Salmons ($7,000,000)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $48,407,384


    The Sacramento Kings do have a bit of room before hitting the salary cap, especially if they let Jimmer Fredette and John Salmons (only $1 million guaranteed) walk, but they won't after bringing back their crucial free agents.

    That, in a nutshell, is why I'm still worried about the directionless progress of the franchise. The Kings don't have an identity; instead, they're creating logjams of talent at each and every position.  

    Cousins should get a near-max contract, and either Isaiah Thomas or Greivis Vasquez should be coming back because they're both restricted free agents. Quite frankly, Boogie could end up being paid max money because that type of offer sheet should be forthcoming from a team with money to spend. 

    Once that happens, the Kings won't have much more room to work with. There's still a lot of talent on the roster, though, especially if Ben McLemore lives up to the lofty expectations. 

San Antonio Spurs

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    Money Committed: $24,977,500

    Contracts Expiring: Boris Diaw (unrestricted), Matt Bonner (unrestricted), Nando De Colo (restricted), Patty Mills (unrestricted), Aron Baynes (restricted)

    Player Options: Tim Duncan ($10,000,000)

    Team Options: Kawhi Leonard ($2,894,059), Cory Joseph ($2,023,261)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Tony Parker ($12,500,000)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $52,394,820


    The 2014 offseason will be all about Tim Duncan. 

    There are two options for the Big Fundamental, and neither involves picking up his player option. He's either going to retire and free up all $10 million for the San Antonio Spurs or opt out of his contract and take a massive pay cut in order to let the franchise bring in even more talent. 

    Let's say that he cuts his salary in half and signs a one-year deal for $5 million, just for the sake of the argument. 

    Kawhi Leonard, Cory Joseph and Tony Parker will all be coming back as well. Parker's contract may as well be guaranteed. 

    If all that happens, the Spurs will have only $47,394,820 on the books, more than enough to sign another eight-figure-per-year player. You know, because this organization totally needs to add more talent in order to stay competitive. 

    Does anyone know how R.C. Buford does it?

Toronto Raptors

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    Money Committed: $38,513,273

    Contracts Expiring: Kyle Lowry (unrestricted), Aaron Gray (unrestricted), D.J. Augustin (unrestricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Jonas Valanciunas ($3,678,360), Terrence Ross ($2,793,960)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Amir Johnson ($7,000,000), Tyler Hansbrough ($3,326,235), Quentin Richardson ($1,448,490), Austin Daye ($1,063,384), Quincy Acy ($915,243), Dwight Buycks ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $59,555,427


    It's time for Masai Ujiri to work some magic and figure out how to push the Toronto Raptors to the next level. 

    Without too much cap space to work with, he'll likely need to make a few trades in order to truly insert his influence on the roster. Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross will both be brought back, as will Tyler Hansbrough and all of the cheaper non-guaranteed players. 

    The only big question right now involves Amir Johnson and whether or not he can justify his $7 million deal in 2014-15. With $5 million guaranteed, it's almost pointless to let him go and free up just $2 million, because that wouldn't open up any more room for a big-name free agent. 

    Toronto should be a fringe playoff contender in 2013-14, and there are enough young pieces in place for future success. But between the committed money and the need to re-sign Kyle Lowry, there isn't any ability to make significant changes to the roster without a trade. 

    Rudy Gay, here's looking at you.

Utah Jazz

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    Money Committed: $5,470,831

    Contracts Expiring: Richard Jefferson (unrestricted), Andris Biedrins (unrestricted), Marvin Williams (unrestricted), Derrick Favors (restricted), Brandon Rush (unrestricted), Gordon Hayward (restricted)

    Player Options: None

    Team Options: Enes Kanter ($5,694,674), Alec Burks ($3,034,356)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: John Lucas III ($1,600,000), Jerel McNeal ($948,163), Ian Clark ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $17,564,506


    The Utah Jazz are in absolutely fantastic shape, and that will be true even after inking Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward to extensions and picking up the team options for Enes Kanter and Alec Burks. They'll still have enough money to sign a max contract and have plenty of cash left over. 


    This is why the Jazz were one of the biggest winners of the 2013 offseason, even though all they did was trade for overpaid players. With Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins and Marvin Williams all set to come off the books, Utah essentially managed to trade cap space in 2013 for cap space in 2014. 

    Not a bad move when you're trying to let your young players develop. 

Washington Wizards

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    Money Committed: $38,852,230

    Contracts Expiring: Emeka Okafor (unrestricted), Trevor Ariza (unrestricted), Kevin Seraphin (restricted), Trevor Booker (restricted), Al Harrington (unrestricted), Garrett Temple (unrestricted)

    Player Options: Eric Maynor ($2,106,720)

    Team Options: Bradley Beal ($4,505,280), Jan Vesely ($4,236,287), Chris Singleton ($2,489,530)

    Non-Guaranteed Salaries: Glen Rice Jr. ($816,482)

    Potential Maximum Committed: $53,003,529


    The Washington Wizards are another team in great shape moving forward. 

    This should be a playoff team in 2013-14, and the key pieces are going to stay in place. The Wizards have already extended John Wall's contract, and Bradley Beal will likely be next after they pick up his team option. Otto Porter and Martell Webster will also be major pieces. 

    Of all of the options, only Jan Vesely's should be turned down. He's just been that bad ever since he was drafted, and freeing up more than $4 million is worth cutting him loose. 

    If that's the case, the Wizards will have more than $10 million to spend upgrading the roster, although they may have to splurge to re-sign some of the veterans with expiring contracts. 

    Still, this is much better than we expected Washington to look a few years back.