Joe Buck's Girlfriend Is Reportedly NFL Network's Lovely Michelle Beisner

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 20, 2013

Photo Credit: Michelle Beisner Twitter
Photo Credit: Michelle Beisner Twitter

When he isn't calling games alongside Tim McCarver or Troy Aikman, it seems Joe Buck is busy spending time with NFL Network's Michelle Beisner. 

Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead reports the site has received confirmation from the lovely Ms. Beisner, and that the two are indeed a couple, "and have been dating for a while."

UPDATE: Thursday, august 29, 6:35 p.m. ET by Gabe Zaldivar 

They're engaged. 

The Big Lead reports they received a text message from Buck on Wednesday night confirming that he and Beisner are now engaged, but he didn't deliver any further information. 

Congrats all around. 

End of Update---

There is no mention as to when the two initially met or when their relationship became romantic. Although, the report does mention that the two were "friendly" at Super Bowl XLVII played in New Orleans. 

Most sports fans are well acquainted with Buck, who is a prolific voice for Fox Sports, serving as the play-by-play announcer for MLB and the NFL. 

Beisner is a former Denver Broncos cheerleader, who made her way to the NFL Network about seven years ago and now serves as a sideline reporter and host. 

If you take a gander at her IMDB page, you will learn that she is credited in movies such as Any Given Sunday (party girl) and Alice in Wasteland (Jill Robbe). 

Of course, she is far more recognized for her work with the NFL Network and can be seen around its website in videos like this one that features her thoughts on New Orleans as a Super Bowl city and another where James Laurinaitis teaches her how to tackle

As for Buck, he's one of the most recognizable voices in all of sports broadcasting, covering some of the biggest games in two of the nation's favorite sports. 

Still, he managed to keep his romance a secret for some time, which is a minor miracle considering the age in which we live. 

More recently, Buck took Internet trolls to task. On Sunday, fans were giving him a hard time for how he was calling the Yankees game. 

Too bad he wasn't calling the game, as Awful Announcing's Reva Friedel details. 

So excuse Buck if he doesn't inform the Internet of all of his exciting romantic news. Now, we can carry on with our lives knowing Buck is doing quite well in the lady department. 

My only hope is that when Buck drops Beisner off at her home, he gives the requisite, "We will see you tomorrow night."

Please tell me that happens. 


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