Mike Tyson Finally Played 'Punch-Out', Makes Glass Joe Look Like Buster Douglas

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 20, 2013

Mike Tyson is a button-masher. 

Kotaku spotted this marvelous meta moment featuring Iron Mike finally getting around to playing Nintendo's Punch-Out!! for the first time. 

UPDATE: Tuesday, August 20, 7:55 p.m. ET

Because we can't get enough of this story, we happened upon a For the Win report that features a TMZ video. 

In it, Tyson admits that he never really played video games, and that could never beat Glass Joe. So maybe he has played before, or perhaps he played for two minutes and gave up when he realized he was the only person on the planet who had trouble with Glass Joe. 

You bet your Game Genie we will keep you posted if we get confirmation either way. 

End of Update---

It seems he was playing this while in the green room awaiting his appearance on FOX Sports 1's FOX Sports Live.

According to his tweet after, he managed to beat one of the easiest characters in video-game history:

Green room @foxsports1 playing #miketysonpunch and beat Glass Joe. First time. pic.twitter.com/iTsVnxe8MW

— Mike Tyson (@MikeTyson) August 20, 2013

Nobody tell the champ, because he seems fairly pleased with himself. 

The odd part is it seems like ol' Glass Joe is holding his own at the 1:03 mark of this epic fight. Little Mac exerts himself on shots to the body and then his opponent lands an uppercut that nearly devastates the green-shorted hero. 

With just that snippet from the video, we are left to believe Tyson loses this battle. We have to reiterate how bad Glass Joe is at boxing, so Tyson could have very well come back to win during this particular bout. 

That's not hard to believe. What is remarkable, however, is how a man who once lent his name to this popular video game never got around to playing a single second of it. 

We simply have to see how he would do against far more formidable opponents like Piston Honda, Bald Bull or Soda Popinski. At least let him get another assured win against the pushover known as Don Flamenco.

But never let him play himself in the original video game, because nobody deserves that level of frustration. Many Nintendo controllers were destroyed by kids who made it all the way to the last boxer, only to learn very quickly what a waste of time truly felt like. 


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