The Ultimate List of People for NASCAR Fans to Follow on Twitter

Michael Guadalupe@The_GuadaFeatured ColumnistAugust 21, 2013

The Ultimate List of People for NASCAR Fans to Follow on Twitter

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    NASCAR is one of the biggest sports talked about on Twitter. There are tons of people talking about the sport every day. From drivers to the average fan, if you want to find out the latest news about NASCAR, you can usually find it on Twitter.

    However, with the sport being so popular on Twitter, which people are the best for NASCAR fans to follow?

    There are a handful of drivers tweeting every day, for example, but are they all entertaining? Do they all interact with the fans?

    There are other people on Twitter that you might not have even thought about following when it comes to the sport of stock car racing, and might not be as informative as others, but still demand your attention, nonetheless.

    NASCAR has embraced Twitter over the recent years, going as far as to put driver Twitter handles on their cars.

    Now it’s time for NASCAR fans to embrace Twitter with this ultimate list of people for NASCAR fans to follow on Twitter.

Honorable Mention: NASCAR Channels

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    Following the different channels NASCAR is televised on can be useful before and during a race.

    Most channels will advertise what time an upcoming race will start, and will obviously tell you how to watch it.

    They also post useful information during a race as to what is going on, but it’s nothing you couldn’t find from the other sources on this list.

    Follow these Twitter handles for updates during races, as well as news throughout the week. They also retweet what drivers send out on Twitter, so it’s a good way to see important information without having to follow every single driver on Twitter.

     Twitter handles to follow:



    FOX Sports: NASCAR

    “I'd wreck my mom to win a championship. I'd wreck your mom to win a championship!” - Smoke #MakeTheChase #NASCARWisdom

    — NASCAR on ESPN (@ESPNNASCAR) August 21, 2013

    . @KyleBusch takes home the checkered flag @WGI!

    — NASCAR on TNT (@NASCAR_TNT) August 11, 2013

Honorable Mention: Drivers' Wives

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    Drivers' wives (not a TV show, but the wives of NASCAR drivers) don’t send out any NASCAR related information that you can’t get from other people on this list, but are fun to follow, nonetheless.

    The two most recognizable on Twitter are Delena Harvick and Samantha Busch.

    Both will often tweet from pit road, and will show their disgust from when their husbands have a bad day, or joy when their husbands win a race.

    If you want to see a very small glimpse into a driver's life, following their wives on Twitter is a good start.

    Who to Follow:

    DeLana Harvick

    Samantha Busch

    Yellow is out for us again. This is one race I'm officially over. Is it time for Bristol yet?

    — Samantha Busch (@SamanthaBusch) August 18, 2013

    Fuel mileage races make me wanna puke

    — DeLana Harvick (@DeLanaHarvick) August 18, 2013

8. Denny Hamlin

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    Denny Hamlin isn’t making any noise on the track this season, but off the track Hamlin has had a lot to say.

    For the simple fact that he is one driver who isn’t afraid to go on a Twitter tirade, Denny Hamlin is worth following.

    After his frustration from not being able to finish a race boiled over onto Twitter, Denny Hamlin went off on Kyle Petty, something you don’t always see from a driver on Twitter.

    Aside from tirades, Hamlin is similar to Keselowski in that he shares his events and what he does with his fans on a daily basis. He might not send out tweets as much as Keselowski, but Hamlin also answers fans, and isn’t afraid to trade twitter blows with other drivers (remember Joey Logano?).

    Follow Denny Hamlin for the chance to see the driver go off on an entertaining rant.

     Here’s one of the tweets Hamlin sent out after his frustration with Kyle Petty boiled over onto Twitter:

    Usually to be a analyst.. You have to actually walk 2 steps in the garage in the last 10 years.

    — Denny Hamlin (@dennyhamlin) August 4, 2013

7. Kyle Petty

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    Unlike other NASCAR personalities, Kyle Petty isn’t afraid to fire back on fans who try to belittle the former NASCAR driver on Twitter.

    Its official your IQ just expired...! RT @DanicafanJohn: @kylepetty Kyle Petty is not a man hes (cont)

    — Kyle Petty (@kylepetty) August 18, 2013

    This alone makes Petty extremely entertaining to follow, as different NASCAR fans try to step up and insult him.

    Kyle acts more like an actual person on Twitter, and less like a NASCAR analyst, so don't expect to get any great insight from his tweets.

    Instead, expect more normal, even personal tweets from Petty, like this one he retweeted about the passing of his son, Adam Petty.

    I love you and ML and i miss him so much...RT @veloaustin: Today my brother Adam would be turning (cont)

    — Kyle Petty (@kylepetty) July 10, 2013

    Kyle’s Twitter is great for racing fans who want to see a former driver as an actual person, and for those who want to laugh at the stupid things people tweet to him.

6. Darrell Waltrip

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    NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip is on Twitter, and if you consider yourself a fan of the sport, you should follow this man immediately.

    All NASCAR fans can respect what Waltrip has done for the sport, but on Twitter you can see Waltrip in a whole new light. He isn’t afraid to give fans a peek into his life, while also managing to give his opinion during a race.

    Good Morning America, twitterville, race fans, still trying to get my arms around the fact that my little girl is engaged to be married!

    — Darrell Waltrip (@AllWaltrip) August 19, 2013

    I believe @dennyhamlin will win #PureMichigan400 tomorrow, missed set up in June, time for a little luck for the 11 team!

    — Darrell Waltrip (@AllWaltrip) August 17, 2013

    With Waltrip’s knowledge and his personality shining through on his Twitter handle, why would you not want to follow one of the greatest drivers to ever race in NASCAR?

5. The Orange Cone

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    Everyone needs to laugh a little, and that’s exactly what following the Orange Cone will accomplish.

    In case you’re wondering what exactly the Orange Cone is, it’s exactly thatthe orange cone shows drivers where the entrance to pit road is.

    No one knows who is really behind the orange cone twitter account, but it’s still interesting to follow.

    Not only will the Orange Cone tickle your funny bone, but it will keep you up-to-date on rumors, and also provide updates during a race.

    Wait...#smoke is going to drive a sprint car again? Wow. I am shocked. I thought for sure he'd retire from driving racecars.

    — Orange Cone (@TheOrangeCone) August 21, 2013

    RUMOR: hearing a multi-team/multi-series #NASCAR team w dual ownership be splitting after 2013.

    — Orange Cone (@TheOrangeCone) August 19, 2013

    Follow the Orange Cone, and wait for a driver to hit it entering pit road.


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    It might sound obvious, but if you’re not following NASCAR’s official Twitter handle at this point, you need to.

    What makes NASCAR on Twitter great is what they do during a race. For example, look at these tweets they sent out during the Michigan race last weekend.

    CAUTION: Watch @KyleBusch back it into the wall, but avoid further damage from passing cars -

    — NASCAR (@NASCAR) August 18, 2013

    WATCH: #DaleJr swipes the Turn 2 wall, has heavy right side damage. Tune-in to @ESPNNASCAR -

    — NASCAR (@NASCAR) August 18, 2013

    They sent out videos of accidents after they happened, something which is extremely useful if you aren’t at home watching a race. You can still see some of the action right from your smartphone.

    NASCAR also sends out updates every day, responds to fans, and also retweets things that drivers say on Twitter.

    It’s a great source for getting the most important information on NASCAR from every corner of Twitter.

3. NASCAR Stats

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    Every NASCAR fans needs to follow a Twitter handle that solely focuses on stats. That’s where NASCAR stats comes in.

    NASCAR stats brings you every statistic you could need to know. From Chase updates, to how well a certain driver performs at a specific track, NASCAR stats has you covered.

    Updated point standings: Johnson (813), Bowyer (-41), Edwards (-51), Harvick (-64), Ky Busch (-107). #NASCAR

    — NASCAR Stats (@NASCARStats) August 18, 2013

    Not all of us are number crunchers, but NASCAR stats can make you appear to be a mathematical NASCAR genius.

    It even sends out updates during a race, and can keep you informed as to how many cautions there have been, what laps the cautions came out on and even how many laps were driven under the cautions.

    Caution 9 - Ky Busch spins in Turn 4. Laps 174-177 for 4 laps. Race total of 34 caution laps. Stremme was beneficiary. #NASCAR

    — NASCAR Stats (@NASCARStats) August 18, 2013

    The wealth of knowledge NASCAR stats shares is something no race fan should pass up.

2. Brad Keselowski

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    The man who basically made NASCAR famous on Twitter, is still one of the best NASCAR personalities to follow.

    Brad Keselowski brought a ton of attention to the sport when he tweeted during a red flag at the season opening Daytona race in 2012, and would go on to win the championship that season (luck of Twitter?).

    Keselowski answers fans, sends out photos from his race weekends and is never shy of expressing his opinion on the social network.

    Rowdy crowd here @RIRInsider test. I like it.

    — Brad Keselowski (@keselowski) August 20, 2013

    He shows a great personality, and helps NASCAR fans remember that drivers can be just like the rest of us.

    Confession- Debating about downloading candy crush, just so I can play it once and make fun of others who are somehow addicted to it.

    — Brad Keselowski (@keselowski) August 13, 2013

    If you’re looking for a place to start when it comes to the world of NASCAR on Twitter, Keselowski is the perfect driver to follow.

1. The Media

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    When it comes to following people on Twitter, there is no one better to follow than the media. Reporters from all different aspects of the sport are great for providing inside information, and updating their Twitter followers on a daily basis when news in NASCAR happens.

    They serve as a track side updater, for those days you aren’t home to watch a race.

    And when you are watching the race, they can update you on what’s going on track side during a commercial break.

    It’s hard to rank one media person over another, which is why if you’re a NASCAR fan and looking to follow people on Twitter, you should stick to these people:

    Jenna Fryer

    Jeff Gluck

    David Newton

    Bob Pockrass

    Not only will they provide you with every bit of information on NASCAR, but they will often tweet articles they’ve written, and their opinions on certain topics in the sport.

    Which cities love NASCAR most? Highest ratings for Mich.: Greensboro, G’ville SC, Knoxville, Indy, Bham, Norfolk, Rich, CLT, Nashville, JAX.

    — Jeff Gluck (@jeff_gluck) August 21, 2013

    Round the track: My take on SHR wooing Kurt Busch: #nascar

    — Bob Pockrass (@bobpockrass) August 21, 2013

    For everything NASCAR, make sure to follow the different media leaders on Twitter.