WWE Night of Champions 2013: Alberto Del Rio and Others Who Will Disappoint

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 21, 2013

WWE Night of Champions 2013: Alberto Del Rio and Others Who Will Disappoint

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    Not everyone can be CM Punk or Brock Lesnar. The performance by the two WWE superstars is still running through my head. I was worried at first about how the match between David and Goliath would fare, but both men lived up to the hype.

    Now, as the WWE moves on with the Corporation angle, there is no John Cena for four to six months and Randy Orton is finally the bad boy of the company, we can focus on Night of Champions and the matches that will take place.

    Not every match, however, is going to be a "CM Punk-type" of match. The thought of Punk, who will more than likely face Curtis Axel at Night of Champions, could prove to be a dud for both wrestlers when this angle has so much more to offer the fans.

    And to think it is just a sideshow now that Daniel Bryan is facing the McMahon family by himself.

    Because 50 percent of the titles in the WWE now reside in the stable of the Corporation, it will be hard-pressed to find winners in matches other than Orton or the Shield that mean anything. The three other titles in the company (the Intercontinental Title, the World Title and the Divas Title) are all worn by heels, which means the company must figure out how to balance the power of champions over the course of the next four months, John Cena's return or whichever comes first.

    There will be some good matches at Night of Champions. There will be some great matches at Night of Champions, and there will be some bad matches at Night of Champions. Here are the wrestlers who will not have a good night in Detroit. 

Any of the Divas

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    Enough already!

    An editor once told me the way to get the best out of a story or a beat is to avoid giving the reader the same song and dance every day.

    WWE, please stop giving us the same song and dance when it comes to the Divas. Give us more than a few minutes of sex appeal. Give us Kaitlyn and AJ from WrestleMania but with different blonds and brunettes.

    A redhead would work as well.

    I realize the Divas must be represented and the title must be defended at Night of Champions, but this is one case where the product will still be the same and more men and women will be taking bathroom breaks than sitting in from of the television and watching a match.

    Will the matches get better? I don't think so. Reality television cannot save the Divas from the train wreck.

CM Punk

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    I hate putting him on this list, but I think I have to.

    Punk went all out in his match with Brock Lesnar, and the two superweights put on a display that may not be matched for decades. How can you ask Curtis Axel to come to the ring and perform like that? You would need to be nearly "perfect" for that to happen.

    Yes, I went there.

    I do not see Axel and Punk being as good as any match Punk has had in recent memory, and frankly, in my mind, it is more like Punk vs. The Miz or R-Truth when they were part of the "Conspiracy" angle.

    Axel has some nice skills, a nice look and works well in the ring. But he is not his father, and his ability in the ring or lack thereof will diminish anything Punk is trying to accomplish.

    It is possible Axel could have a great match and Punk's match would only be average at best.

Alberto Del Rio

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    The World Champion will face Rob Van Dam with RVD's newest cheerleader in his corner, Ricardo Rodriguez.

    We all know how this is going to go. Give the title to RVD already.

    While I like the idea of RVD being in the title hunt, I am not certain this is the kind of match Del Rio looks good in. For a man of his size and agility, there are contrasting styles, which make this an odd one to call.

    Van Dam is always moving, never grounded and may make it look one-sided for much of the match. Like I have said, one of the reasons I liked the title match with Christian at SummerSlam was that both Del Rio and Christian wrestled and chain wrestled, which made the match more exciting.

    I think a title match between RVD and Del Rio is exciting, but in the end, Del Rio won't have the kind of match he wants and is capable of having.

Daniel Bryan

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    Just like CM Punk, I hate putting him on this list. But for the reasons I can explain, I have to.

    The basic premise of the corporate takeover by the McMahons and Randy Orton is to hold all of the cards and win matches at all costs. This means opponents will lose matches ad nauseam until there a change within the WWE's writing.

    That also means Bryan will lose match after match and will be beaten to a bloody pulp in the process. That is how the new angle is supposed to work. That is why the turn by both Orton and Triple H is so dynamic.

    When the nWo started in WCW, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash would win each week, the Steiners would have to relinquish belts and Hulk Hogan never lost the World Title. I think you will see a lot of that as well with this faction and angle.

    Because of this, Bryan will not have solid matches, including the one at Night of Champions.

Bray Wyatt

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    If the match with Kane is any indication of how Wyatt is going to perform, then excuse me for being underwhelmed.

    There was nothing in the "Ring of Fire" match that I liked, and the ending (meaning the pin and the subsequent outside shenanigans) was absurd. I thought Wyatt would come out and show us something he learned from his family or from his time in NXT.

    None of that happened. While the gimmick is cool and the idea and premise is very old school, the wrestling was awful.

    It is possible he could have another match where he does not show anything. I figure it will come against R-Truth because by this time next month, Kane will already be amongst the buzzards.