San Jose Sharks: Team Gets It Right with Jersey Upgrades

Michael StrawContributor IIIAugust 20, 2013

The new road look for the Sharks is the best of the new sweaters. Source:
The new road look for the Sharks is the best of the new sweaters. Source:

On August 18, the San Jose Sharks sent out an Instagram video signaling the "next wave" of Sharks uniforms were coming soon.

While many expected it to be a drawn-out process, the team instead gave multiple hints via Instagram over the next couple of days leading up to the unveiling of the team's new look on Tuesday morning. 

At first glance, the team hit it way out of the park with its new duds. Gone are the black and green shoulder yokes that were on the home and road jerseys. 

Clearly learning from the positive reactions when it unveiled its black third jersey in 2008, San Jose took a much simpler approach when designing the new uniforms. The team has gone back to emphasizing the teal and black that has been in its color scheme since the Sharks came into the league in 1991. Most of the orange that was found on the jerseys, which came into existence in 2007, has been eliminated.

In fact, the only bit of orange that remains in the uniform is a single stripe on the sleeves and the socks. 

Other changes made to the jerseys include drawstring collars on both sweaters and the removal of the stripes on the lower body portion of the jersey. 

The Sharks aren't the only team to go to a basic design with their updated look this season. Both the Carolina Hurricanes and Dallas Stars also took a simplistic approach in their redesigns. However, of the three simple looks, the Sharks have by far the best looking set of sweaters.

The color scheme says modern, while the collar and presence of the logo on the body, without sharing the spotlight with body stripes, give it that old school feel that many teams are seemingly starting to go back to.