Other Members of the New Corporation

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistAugust 20, 2013

Other Members of the New Corporation

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    Based on what we have seen over the past few days, it appears as if a new Corporation is underway, with the mission being to prevent Daniel Bryan from ascending past a "B+" overall average. At SummerSlam, both Triple H and Randy Orton went to the dark side to align with Vince in carving the ideal corporate image.

    On Raw, Stephanie McMahon also made the full transition.

    Although Randy Orton is the main focus in the new villainous faction, more—but not excessively more—people should officially stake their claim as members of this elitist group.

    Here are some good names to consider.

The Shield

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    Over the past few months, The Shield has been far gone from the days of performing random attacks and defeating everyone in their path. In fact, even as United States and Tag Team Champions, the trio has not been a big investment whosoever.

    In need of a career revival, Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose would fit as mercenaries in the quest for total corporate supremacy. Similar to the Bossman, all three would simply be the protective force from any intruders trying to put a kink in the plan, including Daniel Bryan.

    The Shield being members of the new Corporation would indicate a "shield" from the group being anything but dominant.

Wade Barrett

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    "God Save Our Queen" ...and Wade Barrett.

    After multiple attempts of getting to the point of near-main event status, Barrett still has never managed to break that glass ceiling. His theme music, look, ruggedness and in-ring ability paints the picture of someone who said be at the upper echelon of stars.

    However, he continues to be used as nothing but a jobber.

    Until his involvement in the Daniel Bryan storyline. Although he received a half-shaved beard, he at least garnered a win over Daniel Bryan on an episode of Raw. Yes, it was tainted by a Brad Maddox fast count, but anything works for Barrett at this point.

    Barrett would gain a solid position on the roster, as well as more wins and TV time as a member of the new Corporation. 


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    There is no dispute that Ryback is doing some soul-searching when it comes to finding a relevant spot in the WWE. He had so much momentum last year and was on deck to potentially win the WWE Championship, but got it all snatched away by a lack of commitment by WWE Creative in making him the top star.

    Now, we get bullying segments backstage (Doesn't this totally go against the BE A STAR mission?), with no apparent direction for Ryback or even an opponent to hone his craft as a wrestler.

    At least he could be the muscle of the corporation. I suppose you can compare him to Test: not a main-eventer, but at least someone who can be unleashed to do damage on anyone who opposes the new Corporation's plan.

    Besides, Ryback and main event should be far away from each other, and this can be a good solution to that problem.

Big E. Langston

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    Right now, there is one word that best describes Big E. Langston—STUCK.

    Ever since making his television debut on December 17 of last year, Big E. has yet to break away from anything dealing with Dolph Ziggler or AJ Lee. While Ziggler was gone with a concussion, Langston showed how impressive he could be in the ring with his series of matches against Alberto Del Rio.

    Now, he needs to fully break away from the entire feud. 

    There is nothing that would make Big E. Langston break out as a star more than joining the most powerful group in the company. Not only could he be another form of muscle similar to Ryback, but he could actually put on better matches than Ryback as a barrier to stop intruders from cracking the mold of the new Corporation.

    Moreover, Ryback and Big E. Langston as a tag team would be pretty cool to see. After The Shield loses the titles to either Mark Henry/Big Show or the Usos, Big E. and Ryback could vy for the titles to bring them back to the group. Mark Henry and Big Show would be a better option right now, because they are more intimidating and should be transitional champions at best.

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    If you could pick one more member other than the ones aforementioned, who would it be and why? Sound off (civilly) below.


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