Let's Watch This Boxer Get KO'd in Slow Motion

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Warning: Watching this monster knockout in slow-motion may cause daymares.

A middleweight showdown at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square came to a shuddering halt Monday night after a vicious series of blows from Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs.

Jacobs, a cancer survivor looking to get his boxing career back on track, unleashed a left-right combo from Hell on Giovanni Lorenzo, sending him sprawling to the mat in the third round.

Put simply, Jacobs’ strike was devastating.

His left hand started the reaction, but it was the slow-motion footage of Jacobs’ mighty right that left viewers blinking in disbelief. Here’s a GIF of the KO, courtesy of Simon Samano of USA Today. Be brave, friend—this is brutality in its purest, slowest form.

GIF courtesy of USA Today

Everything about this knockout cries agony. Lorenzo leans into the blow, and a shockwave ripples across the entirety of the boxer’s head. His nose twists, his ears waggle and—ugh—even his hairline twitches. It’s like watching a bowl of Jello hit the wall.

GIF via Tumblr

As painful as it was for Lorenzo, the knockout was a momentous occasion for Jacobs, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (spinal cancer) in 2011. Doctors told Jacobs he should never box again, and he was forced to take a 19-month break from boxing as he battled paralysis in his legs. 

Clearly, the Miracle Man has come a long way since barely being able to use his legs. Going from cancer patient to purveyor of destruction in the ring is quite the leap, but judging by the tapestry of pain he weaved with Lorenzo’s face Monday night, Jacobs is back in business.


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