The Disrespect to Womens Wrestling in Main Stream Companies: Rebuttal

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The Disrespect to Womens Wrestling in Main Stream Companies: Rebuttal

This is solely a rebuttal to and not an argument with:

In that article I read that the two major American companies are to blame for the lack of respect towards women's wrestling. However if you look at the two major companies you can see drastic differences between the two divisions.

Overview of the divisions

First off, the looks of the divisions is vastly different. For one the Knockout's champion at this time is Angelina Love who has had nine years previous experience before becoming champion. Whereas WWE's Women's champion; Milena Perez, a former model herself, is essentially the figurehead of that division.

To me, the champion of a specific division whether it be a heavyweight, cruiser weight or even tag team division they are a microcosm for everyone within that division.

So what do the fans expect from a division which is spearheaded by two former models? Solid 15-minute wrestling matches or an entrance and a five minute match?


Secondly, the actual stars in each of the rosters:

WWE's female roster is comprised primarily of former models (10 members of the roster) including the two champions. Whereas TNA's female roster come from the Shimmer promotion and is only made up of one former model (Christy Hemme).

So is it really the top two promotions within America that are to blame or is it solely WWE's?

The Fans

Blaming the fans for the lack of respect towards women's wrestling. To me this really is an insult towards any fans of women's wrestling. Anyone who has watched anything other than WWE's women's division should be insulted by that remark.

The only reason, fans watch and immediately think of women's wrestling as bikini clad models is because of WWE.

The face of, the leader and front runner in the professional wrestling is force feeding the everyday run of the mill wrestling fans with shoddy wrestling on a weekly basis. Why do non wrestling fans instantly relate women's wrestling to mud wrestling?

Because the biggest company and the showcase of everyone's talent, doesn't show what anyone of the good solid wrestlers can do.  So is it really the fans fault or solely WWE's?


Dave Prazak and Allison Danger. The saviours themselves; in terms of women's wrestling anyway. I really didn't want to promote Shimmer to anyone and if they wanted to find it on their own they would (like I did).

But when there are articles wrote about lack of respect in the major company's then it is really fit to mention it.

TNA's knockouts division despite lack of direction booking wise, it has the most talented group of women in there.

The likes of Amazing Kong, Taylor Wilde, Daffney and half of Shimmer's tag team champions Madison Rayne (Ashley Lane) fill the already expanding ranks of true solid recruits from the Shimmer ranks.

So that's it really, not trying to argue with anyone just trying to get a point across.

- Steven D

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