Who Should Help Daniel Bryan in the Fight Against The Corporation?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 20, 2013

Who Should Help Daniel Bryan in the Fight Against The Corporation?

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    Why did I get the feeling that John Cena left Daniel Bryan to fight The Corporation by himself.

    I guess Superman picked a bad time to have elbow surgery.

    Actually, he picked a perfect time to leave the company for a little recovery time. Cena's injury could not have come at a better time. This allows the WWE to plan events without its cash cow. It allows it to see if Daniel Bryan and others besides CM Punk can take the reins and run. 

    It's a great time to watch the WWE. I can tell you that for sure, brother!

    So, what happens next? We know Randy Orton is the corporate champion and has the backing of the McMahon family and the protection of The Shield. And yes, Brad Maddox gets to play the role of Eric Bischoff in some ways, at least in matchmaking.

    But while there are safety in numbers for the "Evil Empire," there is a weakness in the plan for Bryan. He is almost in the same situation as Sting was when he challenged the NWO. But for some reason, I do not see Bryan carrying a ball bat with him, pointing at others to help lead.

    These are a few wrestlers who could answer the call for help. 

Dolph Ziggler

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    The "Show Off" had some pretty choice words to say about Triple H when he handed the WWE title to Orton at SummerSlam.

    Ziggler's actions won him a match with all of The Shield. Something tells me this will be a recurring theme as the weeks wear on toward Night of Champions.

    Ziggler's angle with Big E Langston makes no sense and is going nowhere. He needs a new program and a chance to get himself back up the WWE food chain. Battling The Corporation could be just the thing to help with that.


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    He wanted one more match and got it against Alberto Del Rio.

    I don't see him getting another match at Night of Champions against ADR since Rob Van Dam is now the one Ricardo Rodriguez is supporting in the fight with the world champion.

    Christian is too valuable to the WWE to leave twisting in the wind. Like Chris Jericho in helping to get wrestlers over, "Captain Charisma" is a great wrestler to help sell the corporation angle.

    And since he has a history with Orton, this too makes sense.

Big Show and Mark Henry

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    Since Big Show let the cat out of the bag that he and Mark Henry would challenge The Shield for the world tag titles, it makes perfect sense that he would join Bryan in the fight against the McMahon's.

    The team of Show and Henry does two things. It gives The Shield a great challenge, but it does not mean they will capture tag titles right off the bat. Night of Champions should be pretty interesting.

    The team also provides muscle to aid Bryan, who you figure will take a beating week after week.


CM Punk

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    There will come a time when CM Punk and Paul Heyman move on from each other. And when that does happen, he may side with Bryan in this fight.

    I personally love the idea of both Punk and Bryan fighting the good fight. While Bryan is not the most comfortable person on the mic, Punk can turn a yarn or two.

    Also, Punk has a history with Randy Orton, which makes this angle even more intriguing. And if it comes down to it, Punk has no love lost for the McMahons either, which makes it all the more interesting.

    I just like this idea more and more.