Chris Paul Absolutely Destroys High School and College Players at CP3 Elite Camp

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No one builds up offseason morale like Chris Paul.

Various high school and college players attended CP3's Elite Camp hoping to learn from the best point guard in the NBA. Like clockwork, they were taken to school.

The above video is proof that Paul isn't about to take it easy on campers who are younger, less experienced and have tossed fewer lobs to Blake Griffin than him. In fact, one might even suggest he took his aggression up a notch.

Highlight reels of the Chris Paul persuasion usually feature him, clad in Los Angeles Clippers red and white, dropping dimes like he's in front of a fountain hoping to turn his loose change into granted wishes.

Apparently, different rules apply over the summer.

Paul attempted more shots in this clip than he did all last season. He can be found attacking the rim and hoisting up bombs with such frequency that Brandon Jennings is currently beaming with pride.

That tends to happen when you're running against clearly inferior opponents. Far be it from us to question the talents of a group of teenagers, but odds are no one in the building measured up to Paul.

But it's not entirely their fault. For one, Paul is a $100-million man. Dismantling the competition is in his job description. Secondly, a few of these players may have been starstruck. Going from playing defense on your neighbor, high school or college teammate to guarding a perennial All-Star must have that effect.

Still, it doesn't make Paul's destruction of his burgeoning campers any less impressive. His primary objective is normally aimed at setting up his teammates, so it's easy to forget that he can massacre opponents with his own scoring prowess. Watching him shoot his way toward awesome at the expense of impressionable young minds served as a nice reminder.

I imagine it had to bolster his confidence quite a bit as well. There's nothing like exploiting the weaknesses of (probable) admirers to get your competitive juices flowing.

Clippers fans can rest easy knowing that Paul continues to perform head-and-shoulders above those who still need to have permission slips signed.

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