Alex Rodriguez Is a 'Looser,' According to Boston Red Sox Fan

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 19, 2013

Boston Red Sox fans hate Alex Rodriguez so much that they decided to cram another vowel into the word "loser" just to get their point across. 

Hardball Talk spotted a tweet from CJ Fogler showing off a Red Sox fan who failed the spelling portion of the night's proceedings. 

Who's the "looser" now, Red Sox fan?

This fan is going to catch hell from MLB fans across all team loyalties, and justifiably so. We presume his friends are even giving him a hard time at the moment. 

However, let's give the poor guy credit. He took the time to bust out those markers last used back in grade school to draw a fan poster and bring it to the stadium. 

Let's just assume he was writing with Ace Ventura in mind. 

OK, that's a bit of a stretch. 

In reality, this is just par for the course when the Yankees come to town, because the entire Boston area loses its collective mind, and rightfully so. This is the best rivalry in baseball, after all. 

On Sunday, things really got cracking when Ryan Dempster plunked Rodriguez, who would later respond by hitting a home run. 

But the best part came when the embattled Yankees third baseman was asked about Dempster's pitch and whether he should be suspended for the tactic. The slugger, who is currently appealing a 211-game suspension, responded with, "I'm the wrong guy to be asking about suspensions," via ESPN.

That response capped off a fantastic weekend of rivalry baseball peppered with the usual amount of inane peripherals.

New York leaves Fenway after taking two out of three from the Red Sox. Not that Boston faithful should hang their heads in the slightest (well, perhaps those still making misspelled signs at home should) because they still sit atop the AL East with a 73-53 record. 

Now we can't wait until that "looser" Rodriguez welcomes the "Soox" to New York in September. It's going to be "amahzing!"


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