Ball State Freshman Hits Half-Court Shot to Win Free Tuition for a Semester

Kenny DorsetDirector of Social MediaAugust 19, 2013

Photo via
Photo via

Ball State freshman Markus Burden knows how to start his life as a college student the right way. Burden was randomly selected from the crowd during the university's Welcome Week event to attempt a half-court shot for free tuition for a semester, and he drilled it. 

According to The Indianapolis Star's Stephanie Wang, Burden said he missed three times before making his fourth and final attempt at the half-court shot. His out-of-state tuition is worth $11,084. 

Per Wang, the perfect form on his half-court shot comes from plenty of time spent goofing around with his friends on the court. 

Hat tip to College Basketball Talk's Raphielle Johnson for the find.