Bray Wyatt Will Become WWE's New Resident Monster at SummerSlam

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIAugust 18, 2013

Bray Wyatt will wrestle his first televised match as part of the main WWE roster at SummerSlam. The ring will be surrounded by fire. Standing opposite the "Eater of Worlds" will be none other than the Big Red Machine, Kane.

Since The Undertaker moved to part-time, wrestling just one match a year, Kane has served as the monster of the WWE. He is the demonic, almost mythical destroyer that struck fear in opponents of all shapes and sizes by the sound of his name. Face or heel, Kane was one of the most consistently threatening members of the roster. Nobody was safe.

As Kane gets up in age, WWE needs to begin transitioning to a new monster. Rather than seek a larger-than-life continuance of the Paul Bearer family tree, they have their sights set on elevating the prominence of a cult-like leader in Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt and his Family's promos, manner, entrance and beat-downs all fit perfectly into this world. The Undertaker can command lightening. On several occasions, he's risen from the dead. He even appears from nothing when the lights go out.

Kane commands fire. He's also been buried alive. Shane McMahon threw him into a flaming dumpster, yet he showed up again the next week. He was The Undertaker's long-tortured younger brother, who was burned, but they turned out to be emotional scars, before he put his mask back on and went to anger management.

Now, Wyatt and his Family are beginning their eerie, mysterious path to into WWE lore. Their entrance sets them apart, as do Wyatt's haunting promos. Rowan's sheep mask and Harper's possessed manner is like nothing else in the WWE.

In case nobody else remembers, Wyatt said in a taped promo a few weeks ago that he's already dead. We don't know what this means yet. It may mean nothing. But the thought still exists.

At SummerSlam, two monsters will battle in a ring of fire. This match will most likely not be a work-rate exhibition. It will be a classic professional wrestling spectacle. The important part is that we'll all remember that Bray Wyatt's first match was surrounded by a ring of fire, and he most likely lit Kane ablaze.

Wyatt's character is reminiscent of Mick Foley's Mankind character in his demonic, tortured nature. Much in the way Mankind and Undertaker elevated one another to new heights, Wyatt and Kane could do the same.

At SummerSlam, Wyatt will win the match and put out Kane for an extended period of time. These two could duel again later in the fall, or even carry the battle all the way to an epic encounter at WrestleMania.

With certainty we can expect that SummerSlam is the first big step for Wyatt's future as WWE's new resident monster.