San Diego Chargers: What It Takes to Be a Champion

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IApril 12, 2008

The San Diego Chargers are a competitive team in the NFL. They can beat any team, but not consistently.

Here is what i think it takes for them to be an ELITE team.

I used to be a huge Philip Rivers hater. I would always critisize him and whenever people would compliment him, I would disagree and put him down. Then, I started watching him more, and after I started to realise that he wasn't bad, I looked at his stats. This past season. His completion percentage is 60.2%. He threw for 3,152 yards and 21 tds and 15 ints. He was also sacked 22 times. Now I started to think, thats not bad, so I decided to compare those stats to someone in the same draft class, Eli Manning.

Manning threw for 3,336 yards with a completion percentage of 56.1%. He threw 23 tds and 20 ints and got sacked 27 times. I would say Rivers' stats are better, I mean, he isn't as clutch as Manning, or even have as many yards or tds, but, he got sacked 5 less times, threw 5 less ints and his completion percentage was 4% worse. I think Rivers is better or at least equally good.

Now I bring myself to the defense. I'm sure we've all heard the term "Defense wins championships". Hey, it's been proved that its true, or at least it gets you there. Look at the past few years.

The New York "Football" Giants' defensive line crushed Tom Brady - the main reason Eli Manning and the Giants captured the Super Bowl title. Also some past teams in the Super Bowl relied on defense, including the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Baltimore Ravens and the Chicago Bears.

And so do the Chargers. Their defense is definitely not the problem. Their defense was no question one of the top five defenses last season. And considering they still have Shawne Merriman, Quentin Jammer, Luis Castillo, Antonio Cromartie, Igor Oshlansky...well you get my point. They have the defense for a championship team that could be helped with the addition of a Middle Linebacker or Safety. For Middle Linebacker, some good posible pickups would be Rosevelt Colvin or posibly former Charger Junior Seau.

The offense is still obviously the problem. The addition of Chambers last season was huge! Now we finally have a good first receiver who can catch the ball. But on a championship need more then one receiver who can catch the ball!

Vincent Jackson isn't bad, but he isn't a second string. He is more of a third or fourth. So if they can pickup one or two more solid receivers they should be good. There are still some others in free agency that might me good for a pickup. Darrel Jackson used to be good, if he can get back to his old seahawk form, maybe he would be a pickup. Im still thinking possibly David Givens or maybe Eddie Kennison also, who knows, maybe one or more of them could make a contribution.

The Chargers have the 27th pick in this years draft. Who they draft is anyones guess, I am hoping it is a receiver or anyone of these positions they can't fill through free agency.

On the coaching side of things, I'm not a big Norv Turner fan, but we did win a playoff game this year, so I won't complain.

That is about all the Chargers need, with last years top rusher Ladainian Tomlinson leading the pack (although a quality backup wouldn't hurt now that they don't have Michael Turner) and those additions, they should, no, they will be a Super Bowl contender.