Penguins-Capitals: The Greatest Game No One is Watching?

Wayne VienerContributor IMay 13, 2009

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? 

No, this is not an old term paper from philosophy class. 

Here is a relavant question for tonights game seven of the Caps v. Pens series. Is this one of the "Greatest Games with the Greatest Players in the Sport" if no one watches? It is a question about which I have been wondering.

I think some definition of "no one" is important.  I think for a midweek game in the NHL, this Game Seven will break records.  These records are in context of an NHL game. 

The game will be on Versus and local FSN stations.  So in hockey terms, "no one" is a lot of eyeballs on the game.

In the broader context of sports in America, of course "no one" is watching.  This is not the Super Bowl or the Final Four.  That is it for sure ratings grabbers. 

This Game Seven is not for the championship, or even to get to the championship.  I thought that I heard that "no one" watches anything anymore.  All of the ratings for sports are down on network television.

High-definition television makes the game much more watchable at home.  But it is hard to create the great atmosphere that pervades the arenas at playoff time.

For hockey fans, near fans and the entire Pittsburgh and DC areas, this is a must-watch event.  The mere fact that national media outlets are mentioning the game tonight is progress for the league.