Uncle Toni Gives Djokovic Pointers: How To Imitate Rafa (Satire)

Robert OrzechowskiAnalyst IMay 13, 2009

On the practice courts today in Madrid, Uncle Toni was spending time with Novak Djokovic.  It had nothing to do with any tennis techniques but how to properly imitate Rafa.

"I watch jou do my nephew at Rome and jou hef it all wrong," said Uncle Toni. 

"When picking jour butt, jou hef to do it quickly; in and out.  Jou reach in for  little adjustment.  De dip in hes to be jus right," he continued.

Both men were taking turns at doing it causing many of the spectators to scratch their heads and laugh.  Toni then directed Novak hands to his butt in a slight arc. 

"Das it.  Now jou gat it!" exclaimed Uncle Toni.  "Jou hef to do it right not like som oders like Soderling.  He did so bad dat Rafa want to get even when he play here on clay."

Novak was hungry for more.  "Show me how he does that arm wrap around the head with the heavy topspin."

Uncle Toni responded, "Well, jou got to..."  He paused and then waved his forefinger at Djokovic.  "Nice try, Novak!  Jou gonna hef to work dis for youself!  Das why you number four and he nomber one!"

Novak smiled as he snapped his fingers reluctantly.  Just then Rafael Nadal himself came onto the court and the regular afternoon practice session went on as usual.