Fashion Rule: ACC Changes Jersey Requirements

Wayne VienerContributor IMay 13, 2009

A new rule for the ACC should make games more interesting to watch. I will call it the Fashion Rule

Starting this upcoming 2009 season, there is no longer a road and home jersey for football. If both team agree, each side can wear a dark jersey or light colored jersey. 

Apparently, the former rule of a road white and colored home jersey was a result of black and white televisions. In this day and age, there is no longer the issue of black and white television.

In the photograph from the Maryland spring game, you can see the three jersey colors of the Terps. I could envision a Miami v Terps game in which the Canes wear orange and the Terps wear black. 

The same would work for Clemson. Maybe even UVa would break out the orange jerseys of old.

Duke and Carolina could go blue, while the Terps counter with red. Wake could go black and the Terps red. BC and VT would be tough color matchups. 

The non-conference games are up for grabs. I think that WVU in blue (2010) with the Terps in red would be good.

This year Rutgers would probably go with white as they visit Byrd Stadium. We would look great in red as we visit California who would be in either blue or gold.

It has been reported that the change in colors was the result of USC and UCLA both wearing home colors in last year's game.