Randall Cobb Ranks His Top 5 Fantasy Defenses and Special Teams

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistAugust 16, 2013

Defenses and special teams are usually afterthoughts when it comes to fantasy drafts, but your picks can be the difference between a first-round playoff exit and a championship run. Whether it's a team that racks up sacks or an opportunistic defense that forces turnovers left and right, you are going to need a great defense to put your fantasy team over the top.

Randall Cobb from the Green Bay Packers took the time to give us his top 5 defenses and special teams you should have your eye on in your upcoming fantasy draft. As a game-breaking wide receiver, Cobb has seen his fair share of defenses up close and personal, so listen closely to the teams he has on his list. Even if those teams may surprise you.

Let us know your top 5 defenses and special teams for fantasy football in the comments below. Is Cobb out of his mind or right on point? Sound off in the comments and let him know how you feel.