Tyson Chandler Is a True Belieber, Proudly Proclaims Justin Bieber Bromance

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 16, 2013

Tyson Chandler was asked (cornered?) by TMZ about his recent bro session with pop star Justin Bieber, even answering questions about Bieber's naked Thanksgiving prank. 

Stay with me, folks. 

TMZ spotted the New York Knicks big man walking out of a Beverly Hills party and decided to ask him about the most topical subject: his impromptu photo session with Bieber and Thunder star Kevin Durant

For those uninitiated, see above for the picture of the three from Bieber's Instagram accountChandler looks fairly pleased. Durant, meanwhile, looks like he was lied to about which Justin they were going to visit.

You can see some bromances coming from miles away; Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd make sense. Did anyone ever really think Chandler and the Biebs would hang out?

Such an image catches you a little off guard, so it makes sense it caught the interest of the likes of CBS Sports, The Big Lead and many others. 

But the explanation is quite simple: They are bros. 

Not sure I would ever have anything in common with a 19-year-old, but to each his own. Not saying it's wrong, just that they come from two different generations. Chandler is a defensive NBA superstar, while Bieber is more akin to someone who would urinate in a kitchen

You can see the video of Chandler's brief interview at TMZ, where the happy Knickerbocker offers, "Justin is a friend of mine. Went over to the house to have a few words."

Well, they can't be that good of friends, because he had no clue about some Thanksgiving prank the TMZ cameraman asked him about. 

We were at a loss as well, until we did some quick digging and found the TMZ report that centers on Bieber playing the guitar naked for his grandma because, you know, comedy. 

Now go forward knowing there is a new "Big Three" around the NBA. It features Durant, Chandler and Bieber. 

It may not be the triumvirate of cool we wanted, but it's what we have. 


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