WWE Total Divas: Preview and What to Expect for Aug. 18 'The 'Fat' Twin'

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistAugust 16, 2013

"Total Divas" cast (Photo by E!/WWE)
"Total Divas" cast (Photo by E!/WWE)

Previously, on "Total Divas":

  • Brie and Bryan moved to Phoenix to be closer to Brie's dog, which they didn't tell Nikki until they had already started making plans.  Nikki was angry about this development until John Cena told her she was being selfish.  Also, the twins had a business meeting about a movie that probably doesn't exist.
  • JoJo got a double dose of sadness: She suffered a concussion taking a bodyslam wrong in training and her boyfriend Sebastian was demanding she choose him over WWE.  She chose WWE.
  • Trinity and Jon got into an argument over Trinity's unwillingness to commit to a wedding date after being engaged for two years.  The anger got so bad that when they faced off in a mixed tag match on Superstars, Trinity hit Jon with a shoot hurricanrana.  Then Trinity finally admitted her ex-boyfriend of five years cheated on her, so she was scared, which allowed Jon to talk her down, and everything was right with the world by the end.

So, what's in store for this week's episode, the premier of which airs opposite SummerSlam?

Here's what TVGuide.com says about the fourth episode, "The 'Fat' Twin":

Nikki worries about her weight after Brie and social media suggest that she's fat. Meanwhile, Ariane thinks about getting breast implants; and Natalya wishes her fiancé would be more romantic.

In addition, what we can glean from the above promo video and the preview clips on the E! website (not embeddable or directly linkable, unfortunately) is the following:

  • As a surprise, Nattie's boyfriend of over a decade, T.J. Wilson (AKA Tyson Kidd), takes her to the local courthouse so they can get married right on the spot.  She gets angry because she wants a storybook wedding.  The idea is that she needs romance because, especially since injuring his knee, T.J. treats "plays with the cats more than her," which Nikki says is more akin to "an old couple."  This leads to Nattie and Nikki going lingerie shopping.
  • Nikki deals with mild overeating when both Brie and people on Twitter call her "fat." Really.
  • Ariane is considering getting breast implants, so she gets some equivalent product that can be worn under her clothes so she can see how the extra weight feels.  When they fall out in the pool, Trinity remarks "These things float!?  Huh, who knew?"  It appears Trinity is redeeming herself after last week.

Will Nattie and T.J. work everything out?  Which body image storyline will end up being more offensive?  What amazing things will Ariane say about the breast implants?  Do they turn out to be the bomb dot com?

Tune in this Sunday night to find out and check back here Monday for my usual recap/review post.

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