Update: Steve Mariucci Did Not Drop F-Bomb on TV, Knows Who Jordan Cameron Is

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Steve Mariucci has contacted us since the initial posting of this article, and would like to assure the readers of Bleacher Report that he did not use any profane language during Thursday night's broadcast of the Browns-Lions preseason game.

Mariucci says he was trying to sneak in some praise for Jordan Cameron during the highlight, and that what he actually said was "How about this Jordan Cameron guy?"  

"I needed to be louder and more clear. I just wanted to give Jordan Cameron some props," Mariucci said.

Sorry, Mooch. I messed up. Guess it's time I invest in some hearing aids.

*End of Update*

Steve Mariucci knows many things.

He knows football, hair gel and more football, but for all his knowledge, Mariucci still cannot quite figure out when his mic is on—an error which resulted in the NFL Network analyst dropping an F-bomb on live air during Thursday night’s matchup between the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions.

What caused Mariucci to open the hatch and start dropping bombs?

He didn’t know who Browns tight end Jordan Cameron was.

Cameron—a 2011 fourth-round draft pick out of USC—was an unknown quantity to Mariucci, right up until the moment he made a spectacular leaping catch in the end zone during the first quarter. 

The grab caught Mariucci’s eye, and the former NFL coach quietly let a little on-field language slip. Thankfully, Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation was listening carefully and picked up on the lingo.

“Who the (bleep) is Jordan Cameron?” Mariucci asked as the program cut to commercial. Judging by his tone, he was as amazed as he was befuddled by the mystery playmaker.

In the name of clearing up any confusion, Cameron scored again in the second quarter on a five-yard reception.  

In all, the Browns tight end tallied three receptions for 42 yards and two touchdowns. Considering he caught one touchdown during the entire 2012-13 season, it was a pretty big night for Cameron.

The world is learning your name, Jordan—one Steve Mariucci curse at a time.


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