Randy Orton and Damien Sandow Should Cash in at WWE SummerSlam

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistAugust 16, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

SummerSlam is coming up on August 18, and much of the talk has centered on the two top title matches.  The defending World champion Alberto Del Rio is facing Christian, and WWE champion John Cena is wrestling Daniel Bryan.  Both of these matches are receiving their fair share of spotlight and rightfully so.

But lurking in the shadows just behind these bouts are WWE's two Money in the Bank winners: Randy Orton and Damien Sandow.  We could see history made at SummerSlam if the two Superstars cash in their briefcases for title belts.

A dual cash-in on the same night has never happened before, and I believe that this could be the perfect opportunity to change that.  The biggest reason for that is because quite frankly, we're just not expecting it.

Alberto Del Rio is arguably becoming the company's top heel, and as World Heavyweight Champion, he is in the best spot possible.  For me, Del Rio is a classic heel because there is virtually nothing redeeming about him.

Del Rio is not a "cool" heel.  He does not have a cute catchphrase or clever alluring personality that draws in the crowd and makes it cheer him despite what he does to heel out.  Alberto spends every ounce of time that he's on TV working very had to make fans hate him.

And he is bringing that villainous character down on the very popular Christian.

Captain Charisma is a sentimental favorite, a guy who has spent the bulk of his pro wrestling career in WWE.  For many of the WWE faithful, Christian is a Superstar who not only deserves to be in the main event, he deserves a major championship.

Christian is already a two-time World champion, and it's entirely possible that he could lift the big gold belt above his head for a third time at SummerSlam.  This outcome would not only be plausible, but it could also set up a future rivalry against Sandow.

Christian is a veteran and could help Damien rise to the occasion as not only the top challenger but also the future champion.

Again, this makes complete sense and would work for everyone involved.

In the WWE title match we have John Cena, a man who is ruling over the company as its number one Superstar.  Cena is presented as WWE's top babyface, a status that changes depending on what town the company is running on any given night.

For many fans, the time to truly love John has come and gone.  At this point, they're looking for a new hero: one that can rise to the challenge and rally the crowd behind him despite whom he's working.

And Daniel Bryan could very well be that man.  Bryan has never been hotter than he is right now, and a great number of fans believe that his time to shine will be at SummerSlam.  They believe that Daniel will walk away with the WWE Championship, a belt that would be the culmination of all his years of hard work and perseverance.

The dichotomy between Bryan and Cena is very similar to that between Cena and CM Punk.  In both cases, the challenger is an independent star who made it to the big time of WWE.  He is viewed as a "real" pro wrestler, someone who is in it for the love of the sport, not for the show business aspect of it.

And in both instances, John Cena is thought of as nothing more than the entertainer, a star who is the complete opposite of everything the business has ever stood for.  Cena is openly criticized for who he is and what he does, making for a feud that fans of both Superstars can really sink their teeth into.

The truth is that Daniel and John just got started in this rivalry and deserve time to do as much with it as they can.

So in both cases, the stage is set.  Both champions have their challengers, and all we need is SummerSlam to make the matches happen.

But why not change it up?  Why not allow Orton and Sandow to both cash in their guaranteed contracts on the same night?  The most intriguing part of the Money in the Bank gimmick is that the man who wins can cash in at any time.  The champion does not have to be on his feet, it makes no difference what night it is, and there is very little reason that the heel-babyface dynamic should be in effect.

The element of surprise is what makes the briefcases such a great part of the everyday WWE storyline. We see the winners in the ring, we hear them in promos, and we know that the likelihood of them cashing in is always great despite whatever else may be happening.

WWE can tease the possibility, perhaps even reel us in only to let us down.  But the next time we see Mr. Money in the Bank on our screens, we will begin to wonder if this will be the night that we will see a new champion crowned.

Does Damien Sandow cashing in take away the chance that we will see fan favorite Christian wear the gold for a third time?  Yes.  Does Randy Orton cashing in mean that Daniel Bryan could lose his best chance at becoming WWE champion?  Yes.

And that's why it should happen.  This is not because I don't want to see Christian and Bryan get their opportunities in WWE.  I happen to be a fan of both Superstars and appreciate what they do in the company.  

But the fact is that there's more drama when everything is turned upside down.  Real drama and intrigue make the product more interesting and open the door for even more possibilities.

Sandow as World champion could lead directly into a feud with Christian.  Damien would get that invaluable opportunity to learn from a veteran while at the same time working a Superstar who is very good in the ring.  It also means that Cody Rhodes could be one of the first guys stepping up to challenge Sandow in a feud that really only just began.

Orton as WWE champion would likely lead to a feud with both John Cena and Daniel Bryan.  Randy has had some classic matches with Cena in the past and could write a new chapter now.  Orton also has a recent history with Bryan, and a new feud could continue to help Daniel establish himself as a true main event player in WWE.  

And that rivalry could ultimately end with Daniel becoming WWE champion when he's not only ready for it but when the company is fully ready to support him in that role.

Randy Orton and Damien Sandow have nearly a full year to cash in their briefcases in order to win the top two championships in WWE.  While they could do it virtually any time they wish, I for one would much rather see it at SummerSlam on August 18.  The chaos that would ensue is something that I believe WWE needs to keep its product fresh and exciting.  Crowning two new champions after they cash in their contracts at SummerSlam could be just the thing to help make that happen.  

Somebody grab a referee, let's do this.