Mancrush: The Latest Trend in Sports (Part One)

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Mancrush: The Latest Trend in Sports (Part One)

It seems like every male sports fan is developing a 'mancrush' on profession players all around the sports world.

I'm no different, and I'm not ashamed to admit a mancrush when I have one.

You'll notice that this is part one, as I have chosen to list 10 mancrushes that I have. Part one focuses on the MLB, and part two on the NFL.

These guys have been favorites of mine for awhile. Sure, they can be classified as just my favorite players, but possibly a new term to use is 'mancrush'.

They are guys that you'd pay to see, and always try to draft on your fantasy teams.

Before I list my Top 5 MLB mancrushes, there is one thing I should point out...

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