Butler Basketball: 5 Pieces of Trivia Every Bulldogs Fan Should Know

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Butler Basketball: 5 Pieces of Trivia Every Bulldogs Fan Should Know
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We all know that fan.

The “diehard” that struggles to name more players on their favorite team than the amount of fingers on their right hand.

The one who breaks out their favorite team’s colors (in Butler’s case, blue and white) just in time for March Madness to roll around each year, conveniently enough. For the other 11 months in the calendar year, those clothes collect dust.

The one who learned everything they know about basketball from instant classics such as Air Bud, Space Jam or Like Mike along with the bits and pieces of all three games they watch every year.

Alright, enough is enough. Truth be told, every team needs casual fans for revenue purposes and positive public buzz alike. Frankly, while it may be a mystery to some, not living and dying by every single bounce of the basketball is probably a logical and much healthier way of living life than its counterpart.

With that said, Butler prides itself on having a classy and knowledgeable fan base. At the very least, it would benefit casual Bulldog fans to brush up on the most basic of facts regarding their favorite program. Especially for the critical season that is coming up.

The criteria for this list is very simple. The more impact a piece of trivia has on the Butler basketball program in upcoming season, the higher it ranks on the list.

Therefore, this list is focused on the current coaches and roster. It does not necessarily have anything to do with the Final Four teams of 2010 or 2011.

When talking Bulldog hoops with your friends, being able to comfortably discuss the following topics (in order) will give off the vibe that you have at least upped your basketball pedigree from Air Bud or Space Jam, for instance, to a real classic like Hoosiers.

Cheesy basketball flicks aside, here are five pieces of trivia that every Butler basketball fan should know.

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