Bleacher Report: The FIFA Cycle

XXX XXXSenior Writer IApril 12, 2008

 Short and sweet, the FIFA front page cycle is getting old?

I have noticed a lot of articles, are slipping through the net, many 3-4 day articles, are hanging around for a long time on the FIFA front page.

No biggy, just that articles, newly written, are not seeing the light of day as was the case over the past month. Something is a little different, nothing major but enough for me to at least wonder.

Sure the number of comments made on 3-4 day articles increases, and gives a sense this is what people are talking about, but at the same time we keep commenting on them as their placed on the FIFA front page, heat generates heat.

Articles I have enjoyed over the past three days, have not made it to the front page, and I consider myself lucky I was online at the time, and they were brought to my attention in the site play by play.

As I say maybe it was an odd week, but something feels a little different.