Triple H Should Turn Heel as Part of SummerSlam Main Event

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIAugust 15, 2013

Much of being a pro wrestling fan, especially a WWE fan, is trying to accept the reality of each situation.

Were someone to ask me, "Hey, Joe! Book WrestleMania right now," I could produce some ridiculous dream scenario that sees CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose in a triple threat TLC Match for the WWE Title with Roman Reigns pinning The Rock and Bray Wyatt beating Sheamus. None of these are realistic—not in WWE today. 

This rambling introduction brings me to the point of this column. Triple H should turn heel at the end of SummerSlam—not because I want him to overshadow Daniel Bryan, but instead because it's the best of a bad situation. 

Triple H shouldn't be involved in the main event.

I have no issue with the McMahon family drama storyline threading itself through Bryan's confrontation with John Cena. Were this to be the Attitude Era, we had intertwined storylines all the time. They were standard. It was expected that each character's action influenced what happened on other feuds. But Triple H shouldn't be the guest referee.

Why? Why shouldn't the King of Kings don the zebra stripes for SummerSlam? Simply put, it's not necessary.

WWE should make wise business decisions and adding Trips to the match will not convince a single fence-sitting potential pay-per-view purchaser to click buy on their cable box. 

The match was already going to be great. The feud has already been red hot. Since the embarrassing happy-go-lucky performance we saw from Cena during the contract signing, Fruity Pebbles himself has produced some of the best promos we've seen from him in years. 

Adding Triple H to the mix leaves fans asking, "Oh gosh, what is he going to do?" And not in a compelling manner either. It's more like looking in the rear-view mirror of your car and wonder just how hard is the idiot on his cell phone is going to run into me and how much damage is it going to do. 

Triple H doesn't need to be there. But is he is. So operating within reality, there is only one best case result: the return of heel Triple H.

We haven't seen heel Triple H on a consistently weekly basis since all the way back during his post-Evolution run. Moreover, we've never seen evil authority figure Triple H. We haven't seen nasty, cut-throat businessman Triple H who throws around his weight in a boardroom, backstage and then in the ring. 

Right now we have this awkward character where Triple H is super serious one moment, then he's cracking goofy jokes like his D-X days the next. Fact is, nobody has ever bought into solo babyface Triple H. He's most compelling when he's the bad guy in town and the spunky good guy is trying to take him down. 

Triple H is best when he's maniacal. He's best when he's the cerebral assassin. He could embody everything Mr. McMahon portrayed during the Attitude Era, except he could mix it up in the ring himself. 

Ideally, I'd love to see Triple H move on to the inevitable storyline in which he becomes his idol Ric Flair, playing mentor to a stable of Evolution-like characters. Bringing Randy Orton along, and adding a heavy (Big E Langston?) and a young up-and-comer would make compelling television again. 

The ultimate point is that babyface Triple H bores me. Based on the reaction he received last year at SummerSlam when the crowd chanted "you tapped out" after losing to Brock Lesnar, many fans are ready for him to move onto a new role. Gimme Evil Triple H.