Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez: 5 Advantages for Floyd Mayweather

Michael SolteszContributor IIAugust 15, 2013

Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez: 5 Advantages for Floyd Mayweather

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    Floyd Mayweather is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. 43 have tried to beat him and 43 have failed (Mayweather fought Jose Luis Castillo twice in 2002). He has been "money" for his whole career.

    Anyone who has seen a Floyd Mayweather fight knows what he brings to the table. He combines blazing speed with incredible boxing acumen. The way that he has been able to pick opponents apart is legendary. Rarely, has he ever been in trouble. Anytime that he has had to fight back, he has passed those tests with ease. 

    Now he faces the most dangerous opponent of his entire career, Canelo Alvarez. A physical opponent, Alvarez is looking to derail Mayweather. He has the size and power to threaten Mayweather if he can implement the advantages I mentioned.

    This is easier said than done against someone like Mayweather. He has more dimensions as a fighter than Alvarez has. He simply can do things in the ring that Alvarez can not do. 

    He must use these advantages wisely if he wants to control the ring and give Alvarez a boxing lesson. It could very well be a brutal day at school for young Alvarez. 

Honorable Mentions

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    Combination Punching

    Floyd is the better combination puncher in this fight. When he actually throws them, he lands at a startling rate. He has relied more on throwing one shot at a time in recent fights. 


    Floyd has an underrated jab. He has been more flatfooted in recent fights and doesn't use it like he is capable of.


    He is the more mobile fighter and has better movement. He has not moved quite as well in the past few fights, except in his victory over Robert Guerrero. 


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    Floyd Mayweather has sizzling hand and foot speed. He can rip opponents with combinations in the blink of an eye. His speed enables him to get out of corners and the ropes quickly in the rare moment that he is trapped there.

    His fluid movement enables him to get in and out of danger quickly. Even though he may have lost a little step, he still holds a huge advantage over Alvarez. When he throws, he relies more on potshotting opponents. 

    The right hand lead is now his go-to punch. He throws a lot of them and is very accurate. He has an exceptional left hook as well. His jab to the body is also very effective.

    When he boxes on his toes, he has excellent footwork. He can still throw at lightning speed. Nowadays, he either goes to the ropes or stands in front of people and makes them miss. After that, he counters with quick shots. 

    His reflexes and speed are big parts of his ability to dodge punches. However, his ring IQ and timing also play a huge part in him avoiding punches. 



Ring IQ

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    Mayweather has unbelievable ring intelligence. As he has gotten older, Mayweather has improved on his defensive prowess. That has come with experience and his innate ability to anticipate what his opponents will do before they do it.

    When he trains, his pad work includes shoulder rolls and tucking the chin. At this point, it is instinct for him to do those things. 

    It is a style predicated on speed and timing. He utilizes it to perfection. He is rarely hit clean and confuses opponents with this style.

    He also likes to use feints to confuse his opponents. They will think he is waiting to counter, instead, he will lead with a punch and land accurately. This can demoralize his opponents and can give him a mental edge. It plays into his ability to control the tempo of a fight.

    He likes to fight a slower pace. He feels opponents out in the first few rounds and than attacks. His punches get through so that the opponent gives up their game plan and fights at his pace. 

    In order to dictate the fight, Mayweather has to have exceptional stamina. That is one advantage that he should have over Alvarez. 


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    Stamina is an essential part of Mayweather's game plan. He starts slow and turns up the pressure when he has solved an opponent. 

    He uses his defensive wizardry to make opponents throw a lot of punches and miss. Usually, his opponents tire midway through the fight. Mayweather then picks his spots and breaks his opponents down gradually.

    He has been able to dominate his opponents down the stretch. It is because he is smart about his punch output so that he never tires in critical moments. Mental toughness enables him to make people fight at his pace and keeps him going as well. 

    Mayweather trains by sparring for five minute rounds regularly. His sparring sessions aren't filmed, but the word is that he is a gym rat. He has done this for his whole career and it helps keep him fresh for the later rounds. 

    This type of regimen has been implemented by his uncle, Roger Mayweather, in the past. He has a new trainer who will push him even harder. That person is his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr. 


Trainer: Floyd Mayweather Sr.

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    Floyd Mayweather reunited with Floyd Mayweather Sr. in the Guerrero fight earlier this year. This was a needed change for him at this point in his career. His uncle Roger had him fighting flatfooted while his father is having him fight in his more natural style.

    Mayweather Sr. emphasizes boxing and lateral movement as well as the subtle movements that he uses when he is in front of an opponent. He used his legs more in the Guerrero fight because of his father's guidance and he looked fantastic in the process. 

    His father will also push him to be perfect because that is what is needed at this point. They have clashed in the past, however, he needs that motivation to push him in training against the biggest threat of his career. 

    He has the ring intelligence, experience and technique to win this fight. His father will keep him sharp.  The quality of opposition that he has fought in the past is largely superior to Alvarez. That should provide him with an edge. 

Quality of Opposition/Big Fight Experience

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    Floyd Mayweather has fought many great opponents over the course of his career. Some of these fighters include: Miguel Cotto, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley and Ricky Hatton to name a few. 

    There has been debate about whether he fought these fighters when they were past their best. He beat all of them decisively. It is a noteworthy list regardless of where people stand. 

    He has experience against the best fighters in the sport. Alvarez has only fought a few good fighters over the course of his short career. Mayweather has clearly fought the superior opposition.

    Mayweather knows how to react and deal with this type of opposition. Alvarez has never had to react to a fighter of Mayweather's caliber. Regardless of power and strength, Alvarez doesn't have the type of experience that Mayweather has. 

    Mayweather is going to be comfortable with the opposition in front of him over the course of 12 rounds. The question is will Alvarez be comfortable or will he freeze under the bright lights?