Just a Video of MMA Fighter Jinh Yu Breaking Her Hand on Darla Harris' Face

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 15, 2013

Jinh Yu hit Darla Harris in the face so hard that she broke her hand. 

That's not a joke, and it's certainly not sports hyperbole to sell a point. No, she actually hurt herself by dominating so harshly and punching so vigorously. 

The video has been floating around the interwebz for a bit but was recently spotted by Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead (h/t For the Win's Nick Schwartz) who posted it to their site. 

The face-altering punch comes from the Sugar Creek Showdown 18 match that saw Yu come away as the victor but not unscathed. 

The fighter took to Twitter to inform her fans just how brutal that hit really was. Here is the first tweet:

Won by ko in the first, but broke my hand...#collateraldamage

— Jinh Yu Frey (@littleroo1two) July 28, 2013

We presume some fans disregarded this tweet as far too remarkable to be true. If that's the case, Yu followed up with a far more thorough post a couple of days later, showing off the gnarly fracture in her hand.

Texas gals hit hard I guess pic.twitter.com/i7cEL8dyw0

— Jinh Yu Frey (@littleroo1two) July 29, 2013

Then again, we may be missing the point in all this, because we failed to recognize the measured takedown of her opponent. 

Yu marvelously sets up the entire knockout with a left foot to the face, which seems to stun Harris for an ill-fated moment. 

It even looks like Harris is leaning ever so slightly into the punch when Yu drops the hammer. From there, the punch levels Harris and fractures Yu's hand. 

It was like a Dragonball Z kamehameha blast that devastated all in the immediate area. This amazing fighter hit her opponent so hard with one punch she needed medical treatment right after. 

Boom goes the dynamite, indeed. 


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