Marcus Smart and Julius Randle's Dunk-Off Video Will Amaze and Stupefy

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It's a dunk-off.

The only thing missing from this video might be Billy Zane introducing the entire thing. Aside from that, the highlight reel of dunks spotted by The Big Lead is slamming at its most spectacular.

The two high-flying artists in the video are Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart and Kentucky's Julius Randle, and they like to pass their time by defying gravity and generally entertaining the entire Internet for a couple of minutes.

TBL's Jason McIntyre gives this close race to Randle, but I'm not so sure. This dunk show is obviously missing judges, so we have to hold up our own figurative score cards in the comments section below.

It seems like Randle has more power with his dunks, but I particularly enjoy Smart's off-the-backboard 360 jam at about the 38-second mark.

We are really splitting hairs here, because both college phenoms show off sick hops that have us giddy for the upcoming season.

And really, this should serve to remind how awful slam-dunk contests have become. I don't need all the hype and dramatic show. Just give me two high-fliers and point them at a hoop.

Even the NBA would be well served to get the biggest and baddest in the sport just going at for a few minutes. Imagine Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter doing the same year after year when they were in their prime, or LeBron James and Blake Griffin getting after it.

Sometimes, it's best to just keep it simple. As the video shows, simple is pretty damn terrific.

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