Watch Mississippi State Center Bowl with Epic Style

Brian LeighFeatured ColumnistAugust 15, 2013

Mississippi State center Dillon Day has the flowing locks of Jeff Lebowski and the carefree bowling skills to match.

After a long, hot spell in Starkville, Dan Mullen surprised his team with a respite from the heat and a trip to the bowling alley. The video above documents the experience, including one amazingly perfect roll.

Skip to the 2:55 mark for Day's awesome strike.

Apparently, those tedious mid-August reps have paid off for Day, who's already snapping (or bowling) with midseason precision. He even bellows out a few pre-snap adjustments before launching the ball down the center of the lane and knocking down every pin.

More than just that, Day has the boldness to start blocking and keep his back to the ball; he's so confident he's nailed the strike that he doesn't even need to watch. It all feels eerily similar to Gilbert Arenas' no-look buzzer-beater in 2007.


Away from the hardwood lanes and between the grassy lines, Day is actually one of the best centers in college football. He was recently named to the Rimington Trophy Watch List for the second consecutive season and has started 22 of the Bulldogs' 26 games since arriving on campus in 2011.

But once his football days are over and his now-strapping body is no more, he might still have a bowling (or at least a trick-shot) career ahead of him.

The Dude's team could definitely use some help against "The Jesus."