WWE SummerSlam 2013: Top Booking Mistakes Made for the Event

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIAugust 15, 2013

All photos courtesy of WWE.com
All photos courtesy of WWE.com

SummerSlam is quickly approaching and looks to be an all-round excellent event. Still, poor decisions are made at the best of times in the wrestling world and Sunday’s show is no different.

While the buildup to the WWE championship match and The Best vs. The Beast were both consistently exciting, not all performers will have the luxury of a strong story behind their match come SummerSlam.

With the go-home edition of SmackDown taped, the buildup for one of the WWE’s biggest events of the year is over.

Officials have made a lot of smart moves, but the following are the biggest booking mistakes made for SummerSlam 2013.


The World Heavyweight Championship "Feud" 

As a world heavyweight championship match, Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian is great on paper. Both stars are capable of putting on a terrific match, and Captain Charisma is a refreshing face in the world title picture. Unfortunately, the execution of the buildup has been lackluster.

Christian won a Triple Threat match involving Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton to become No.1 contender, but WWE has made minimal effort to build a story around their bout.

Del Rio attacked the No.1 contender after the aforementioned Triple Threat match, but the two haven’t interacted much in the three weeks since. Each star is basically going about their business, winning matches and not bothering each other, aside from one or two brief confrontations.

The obvious exception is the time they wrestled each other on free TV. Yes, the WWE gave away one of the SummerSlam main events on a regular episode of SmackDown for no apparent reason. There was no buildup and not much has come of Christian’s big win.

It’s time the WWE started treating the big gold belt as a world championship and not an afterthought.


Last Minute Inclusion of Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam made a triumphant return to the WWE back at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. He may not have won the All-Stars match, but he proved to everyone that he can still wrestle and he’s not just a nostalgia act.

However, since returning he hasn’t done anything meaningful. Sure, RVD has scored some big wins over the likes of Jericho and Alberto Del Rio, but without a placement in a program these victories are disappointingly inconsequential.

Battle Royals are fun, but it’s obvious that officials threw one together on Raw in a last minute attempt to give Van Dam something to do. It’s better than nothing, but it’s truly puzzling to see how quickly the WWE forgot about Mr. Monday Night.


Triple H as Special Guest Referee

Triple H was announced to be the special guest referee for the WWE championship match on the August 12 edition of Raw, and it’s one of the more upsetting decisions the company has made in the last few months.

The most likely reason for The Game’s involvement is to work towards a swerve finish to the Cena vs. Bryan match, but there are a few problems with this.

The match up of John Cena and Daniel Bryan is the most significant one the company could possibly put together at this time; it truly does feel like the present vs. the future, and a swerve finish would degrade the integrity of the match.

So with the announcement of Triple H as special guest referee the WWE is obliged to not give us a clean finish. Because if they do, then what’s the point of having a special guest referee in the first place? This is one of those times where simpler is better.

All we need is John Cena and Daniel Bryan.