Complete Scouting Report for Alabama 4-Star QB Commit David Cornwell

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIAugust 15, 2013

David Cornwell via 247Sports
David Cornwell via 247Sports

David Cornwell, pro-style quarterback out of Norman, Okla., is a big-time Alabama commitment, and he has big-time potential.

Cornwell is the No. 4 pro-style quarterback nationally and the No. 1 recruit from Oklahoma, according to the 247Sports composite rankings. 

He's a huge quarterback with a ton of versatility, and considering his commitment to 'Bama, it looks as if his future could be very bright.

We here at the Signed, Sealed Delivered blog have put together a complete scouting report on Cornwell.

Here's what he's bringing to the table.





Cornwell is huge for a quarterback at 6'5'', 241 pounds. Right off the bat, that means he'll be hard to take down in the pocket for defenders, but that will also come into play when he's on the run.

Let's discuss his athletic ability first.

For as big as he is, Cornwell is incredibly agile. He has above-average speed and elusiveness, so when a play breaks down, he'll be able to take off and pick up yards with his feet. This also helps him move around in the pocket to evade pressure and, of course, bootleg to the right or left.

Cornwell has an extremely strong arm and can hit any throw on the field. He throws a good deep ball that features some touch, but he can also step up into the pocket and deliver the ball on a frozen rope to his receiver.

He throws an incredible spiral. 

Where Cornwell really sets himself apart, though, is his ability to throw on the run. He keeps his eyes upfield and does a great job of reading the defense. His strong arm and ability to get set quickly allows him to be extremely accurate. Even if he doesn't get his feet set, though, his arm strength takes over.

The next set of pictures will give you a great look at Cornwell's full skill set as a quarterback.

In the play below, it looks as if he's running a sprint-out play to the left. His eyes are downfield looking for a receiver, but you can tell that he notices a running lane and starts to get upfield:

The lane quickly closes, though, so he plants his foot and makes a sharp jump-cut to avoid the defender, as seen in the next two pictures:

He recovers and starts to run, but his eyes are still scanning the field. Noticing a receiver who gets open, Cornwell plants his foot, bounces back a bit to create room to step into the throw and releases a near 40-yard strike to his receiver in stride to the end zone for a touchdown:

Cornwell has the athletic ability and arm that you just can't teach, and that's what makes him such an elite recruit. 



Cornwell's footwork can be a bit jumpy at times when he's reading a defense. He'll sometimes hop around in the pocket when he's scanning the field. 

That's fundamental footwork that will come with time, experience and coaching, though, so there's not much reason to worry. If he signs with Alabama, he'll be getting some great coaching, and right now, it's those raw intangibles that really matter.



Without a doubt, Cornwell is going to have some tough competition at Alabama. Nick Saban always stacks the depth chart, and that's the case at quarterback. With guys like Alec Morris, Cooper Batemen and Parker McLeod ahead of him, and a stellar 2015 quarterback commit in Ricky Town behind him, Cornwell is really going to have to stand out.

The good news is, he has unparalleled arm strength and is a tremendous athlete. He'll bring a lot to the table for Alabama, and he does have superstar potential. How that plays out on a stacked depth chart is really anybody's guess, though.

What do you think? Sound off below.


Note: Scouting and analysis done by writer, via tape study of film provided on Cornwell's 247Sports profile page. Screengrabs via his Hudl film.


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