WWE Summerslam 2013: Having Daniel Bryan Win Then Lose Would Be Perfect Booking

Jamie West@jamielogue94Analyst IIIAugust 15, 2013

Photo from wrestlestars.com
Photo from wrestlestars.com

The rivalry over the WWE Championship between John Cena and Daniel Bryan erupted on this past Monday's episode of Raw.

The Miz TV segment that featured champion and challenger showcased some of Cena's better promo work, whilst also putting across how desperate Bryan is to win the industry's most coveted prize. 

The two will clash in what will most likely be the final match of the SummerSlam card, and the company is keeping Randy Orton prominent in the rivalry, not even trying to make us forget about his briefcase by booking him in his own feud for the second-biggest pay-per-view of the year. 

While an argument exists that asserts incredibly short rivalries taint the prestige of world titles, on this occasion it would appear that having Bryan go over Cena only to lose the title to Orton minutes later would be perfect booking.

Although it will be no surprise if Orton marches down the ramp, perhaps alongside Mr. McMahon and rogue referee-turned-GM Brad Maddox, having him defeat Bryan before he can even celebrate a victory over Cena would create a potential feud of the year between a heel, corporate champion in Orton and the underdog, Bryan.

Bryan's life work will have been crushed at the hands of "The Viper" and those who do believe him fitting of wearing the strap.

The rivalry would, of course, build towards Bryan eventually regaining the championship and having a legitimate reign, but his chasing of the title against "The Apex Predator" would arguably get him even more over than he already is. The culmination of this feud would likely cement Bryan as a permanent fixture in the main-event scene. 

In the short term, seeing Bryan achieve his dream only for it to be shattered in the same night will be heartbreaking for his supporters and those who have followed him throughout his elevation up the WWE roster. In the long term, however, it will perhaps be the best thing for not only his character, but his career.  

Ultimately, the rumored main event for September's Night of Champions implies that the above is more or less what we are going to see this Sunday at SummerSlam.