TNA: Former TNA Star Nigel McGuinness Talks TNA, the Last of McGuinness and More

Chris WilkersonCorrespondent IIAugust 14, 2013

British Star Nigel McGuinness
British Star Nigel McGuinness

This week former TNA star Nigel McGuinness joined the team at to discuss his career in wrestling in what was an honest and insightful interview.

McGuinness, known by the name Desmond Wolfe during his tenure in TNA, talked about his time in Impact Wrestling and the near misses that could have catapulted him into the main event during his run with the company. 

Most notably, the Englishman talked about TNA missing out on a wave of popularity that could have lead him to the world title.

In April 2010 TNA introduced a new championship ranking system, where fans were allowed to vote on the number one contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. 

McGuinness topped the poll from start to finish, ahead of names like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Sting and A.J Styles, but whilst he got his shot at the title, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam defeated him on an episode of Impact and the matter was soon forgotten.

He said:

“If the fans want to get behind someone, then I think you should go in that direction. When you poll all your fans, and they overwhelmingly get behind one person, for you to ignore that is kind of a slap in the face to those fans, and just really speaks volumes for how legitimately they cared about what the fans thought at that point. When I saw that I’d won the poll, I was a little bit worried, because I knew instantly what would happen, which is exactly what did happen. And I talked to a couple of people in the company, and they were like ‘No, that’s crazy, don’t worry about that, you’ve just won, that’s ridiculous,’ and it wasn’t, and it’s what happened.”

His time with Fourtune was also discussed, along with his partnership with Magnus as part of London Brawling.

On Magnus he said: 

"I'm really happy for him. He's earned everything he's got there. I think one of the biggest disappointments of my career is not being able to pursue that tag team (London Brawling). I always liked him, I think he's got that larger than life personality that when he walks into a room he's the center of attention, and I think that's the sort of person you need to really draw money, and I'm hoping that TNA can do that with him." 

After health problems and a return as commissioner of TNA Xplosion, McGuinness has since retired from in-ring action and become an integral part of Ring of Honor.

He has also recently released a critically acclaimed documentary about his final days as a wrestler The Last Days of McGuinness, in which he discusses the health and injury problems that forced him out of TNA and blighted his chances of joining WWE.

The interview goes on to discuss the rise of Daniel Bryan, the resurgence of Matt Hardy and the serious health issues around blading. 

To listen to the interview in full, click here full Nigel McGuinness interview or visit the, where you can also find interviews with the likes of Mickie James and Robbie E, as well as our weekly wrestling podcast!

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