Minnesota Baseball League Attempting Epic 300 Consecutive Innings for Charity

Josh SchochAnalyst IIIAugust 14, 2013

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Minnesota PHD Baseball set out to play a 300-inning game to raise money for cancer research this week, playing from August 12 through August 14 without stopping.

According to Dayn Perry of CBS Sports, the organization was trying to beat the current Guinness World Record of 60 hours, 11 minutes and 32 seconds.

A typical MLB game takes about three hours over nine innings. At that rate the current record comes out to be about 271 innings, but the organization decided to play a full 300 innings to be safe.

According to Perry, the players ranged from 16 to 18 years old and they hoped to raise $150,000 for the University of Minnesota's Masonic Cancer Center.

The game took place in the Metrodome, which used to be home of the Minnesota Twins. However, the old baseball stadium is being used as a football stadium now, and the players were forced to play on the turf field instead of a baseball diamond.

The problems with playing on a turf field are it causes balls hit on the ground to come up faster, there's no way to judge where outfielders should play and there is no mound for pitchers.

However, these kids made it work and they played a heck of a game.

It couldn't have been easy, though, as the kids slept in the locker rooms at the Metrodome, where you can see sleeping bags set up throughout the room on the organization's Facebook page.

Herb Gibson of Minnesota PHD Baseball said that every player would have to pitch and catch, and that the two teams had very different strategies. One team used separate teams of nine in three-hour shifts, while the other changed players out throughout the games, reports CBS Minnesota photojournalist Sean Skinner.

Unfortunately, the record did not fall, as the group's official Facebook page states that the game ended after a grueling 40 hours, 15 minutes and 26 seconds. It remains unclear how many innings were actually played before the game ended, but the kids played their hearts out and helped raise a good chunk of change for charity.

The kids playing seemed enthusiastic in Skinner's report, and they were more than happy to play past their limits for cancer research.

It's tough to think of a better way to raise money for a great cause than playing the game you love, and these kids did just that. Whether or not they played 300 innings is irrelevant, as the purpose of the game was to help society, and they sure did that.

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