Dallas Cowboys: Will Allen Proving to Be a Great Leader

Rob Brown@RobBrown3Correspondent IAugust 14, 2013

When you sign a 10-year veteran like safety Will Allen, you hope he can lead in one way or another, whether that’s by teaching the younger players or leading by example. Allen has been doing both—talking the talk while walking the walk.

When Allen was signed back in March to a one-year deal it didn't generate a huge buzz or make headlines. It probably barely showed up on your Twitter timeline. And why would it? He hasn't caught an interception since 2005 or started a full 16-game season since 2006.

But he has spent six years in defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin's defense in Tampa Bay and has already proven to be a huge source of knowledge for younger players.

“I always go to him, even though he’s new to this deal,” said Morris Claiborne. “When I have a problem with something and I need some advice on something, I ask him. He’s been in the league a while. There’s not too much he hasn’t seen.”

The safety plays a larger role in the Tampa 2 scheme than last year’s 3-4. Any Madden player can tell you that if your defensive line doesn’t get to the quarterback, you want to be confident that your safety can make a play against a receiver.

As recently as Tuesday’s practice, Allen was seen getting the better of Cowboys stars Miles Austin and Jason Witten. He even ran his mouth about Austin after the practice.

“I think I got the best of him though – he lost the play. Miles don’t want that physicalness. He may be a big receiver, but he don’t want it. You can tell him that.”

I’d like to be the first to get a “He Don’t Want It” t-shirt.

Darren Woodson was the last notable leader the Cowboys had at safety and he’s been hard to replace both on and off the field. Allen won’t replace him, but it’s a start. Teaching the younger players through words and actions will hopefully help this young defensive group out after Allen is no longer a part of this team.